Friday, April 26, 2013

Daily Policy Digest for April 26, 2013

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April 26, 2013

The Impact of School Vouchers on College Enrollment

African American college-enrollment increased by 9 percentage points, an increase of 24 percent, when a voucher was used for a private school...


Six Reasons to Oppose ObamaCare

A loophole in the wording of ObamaCare means that states that refuse to create a health insurance exchange could protect the state's businesses from a $2,000 per employee fine...


Medical Loss Ratio Requirement Could Raise Insurer Profits

The Medical Loss Ratio formula calculates the amount leftover for administrative costs and profits as a percentage of the total premium, not medical costs, meaning that higher premiums mean a higher overall premium take from which to calculate profits from...


Capitalist Profit Motive Reduces Pollution

The transformation of industrial waste into lucrative byproducts is one trend that has ensured that pollution decreases while reliance on environmental resources is minimized...


New Bowles-Simpson Fiscal Plan Shows Promise

According to projections, the new Bowles-Simpson plan will achieve $5.2 trillion in deficit reduction compared to $4.3 trillion in reductions in the Senate-passed and Obama budgets...


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