Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reid clears gun legislation hurdle


April 11, 2013

Sen. Harry Reid's gun-control legislation has cleared the first hurdle (68-31) -- bringing the creation of a national gun registry and the outright confiscation of your firearms closer to reality. YOUR ACTION NEEDED!

Dear Robert Bruce,

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), with the support of 16 Republicans, is moving forward with his proposed gun-control legislation.

Now, his bill -- one the NRA and the ACLU both consider unconstitutional and an affront to our privacy rights and civil liberties -- moves to the Senate floor for debate and, eventually, a full up or down vote.

+ + Exposed: How "Dirty Harry" Is Plotting To Get Your Guns!

With the first hurdle cleared, Reid and his leftist allies are now free to proceed in his push to pass legislation that will punish law-abiding gun owners -- tightening the screws on those owning, purchasing and selling firearms, while moving us toward the creation of a national gun registry that would make it easy for the federal government to prohibit or confiscate your firearms based on your medical history and other private information.

President Obama knows he can't just trample our rights and take our guns. Instead, he and the Left are crafting measures that will effectively legislate our right to bear arms.

And at the centerpiece of Reid's gun-control legislation? Expanded background checks.

Eric Odom, managing director of Grassfire's, has written a powerful piece that exposes how the Left is chipping away at the very foundation of your Second Amendment rights -- tapping ever so lightly that the average citizen may not even realize the constitutional disaster that awaits.

Because ... who can oppose background checks? On the surface, such a move seems responsible, necessary and harmless. Do we really want violent felons buying AR-15s? Most sensible Americans would answer "no." But Odom says this anti-gun push is about something else entirely:
You see, this isn’t about just criminal background checks. If it was, we wouldn’t be having this debate. We already do criminal background checks on commercial firearms purchases. This is about global background checks. You know what it all connects back to? Obamacare.

If you think these crooks in Washington just want to know your criminal history while you’re at Bass Pro Shop looking at buying a new shotgun, think again. They want to have this “background check” connected to a national database. The same database that runs Obamacare records. The same database that runs tax records. The same database that runs credit records. The same database that reads your private email, scans your phone records, reads data from your grocery store loyalty programs and the same database that has memorized your social profile … both online and off.

Do you see why "Dirty Harry" is so eager to expand background checks? If liberty-loving patriots don't respond to Reid's gun-control legislation in force, Odom tells us what awaits in the not-too-distant future:

Take Ambien to help you sleep a few years back? No gun for you. Remember those pills for A.D.D. your doctor told you were necessary when you were 17? No gun for you. Attend a dinner party with a known criminal ten years ago? No gun for you. Suffering from depression due to a recent divorce? Forget it. You can’t have a gun.

See where this is going? Think it’s not possible? Think again. They’re already “testing the waters” on gun confiscation based on these exact positions. Why do you think the feds are working to get entire state concealed carry permit databases? What do you think they’re going to do with those databases?

These background checks will not end with simple criminal record checks. They will end in full scale global citizen profile checks. And they will be used to disarm existing gun owners as well as preventing people from acquiring new guns.
Let there be no doubt, folks, this is Obama’s massive move to disarm America. And, unfortunately, Republicans in the Senate stand poised to rubber stamp every inch of it.

Now that you're armed with the truth found in Odom's story, be sure to alert your fellow patriots to Reid's nefarious efforts. This isn't fiction created by "the black-helicopter crowd" Joe Biden likes to refer to when demonizing gun owners. This is what will happen unless we fight back!

+ + Demand Senators Vote No On Reid's Efforts to Expand Background Checks!

Grassfire has created a unique fax platform that gives you a straight path to potentially EVERY SENATE OFFICE on Capitol Hill.

Contact your two Senators, key Senate leadership and Democrats from traditionally pro-Second-Amendment states. Or fax the entire chamber with Grassfire's FaxFire system.

If you prefer to send your own faxes, click the link above. We've provided sample fax messages and contact information.

Again, a vote on Reid's gun-control bill is a giant step toward confiscation of your right to keep and bear arms! Don't allow him, President Obama and the Left to chip away at your Second Amendment rights. Schedule your faxes for immediate delivery by going here now:

With our liberty under assault, we thank you for answering the call to action!


P.S: After scheduling your faxes for immediate delivery, please share this important Second Amendment alert with your friends and family. Urge them to stand with you in challenging the Left's march to legislate away your gun rights by clicking here.



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