Monday, April 1, 2013

Evan Sayet, from 'brain dead liberal' to '9/13 Republican'

Dear patriot,

The Senate recently had 48 roll call votes as it passed its first budget in four years. This is a treasure trove to find out how your senator thinks when it comes to:

·         Repealing Obamacare
·         Objecting to the upcoming Reid gun bill
·         Objecting to the UN Treaty on Small Arms
·         Stopping real violence against women
·         Ensuring illegal immigrants do not become eligible for Obamacare benefits
·         Stopping the Obama free phone program
·         Paying for East Coast missile defense by reducing Egyptian foreign aid
·         Stopping further greenhouse gas regulation
·         Supporting the Keystone Pipeline

Controversial immigration and gun legislation is expected to come up and move fast when Congress returns.

This week, we are featuring an interview with Evan Sayet, a conservative stand-up comic who has been a Hollywood writer and producer for over 20 years. He has moved from being a self-described "brain dead liberal" to a "9/13 Republican." If he is new to you, we hope you enjoy his fresh, clear views!

Next week: Lars Hedegaard, who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in Copenhagen for speaking out about radical Islam.

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P.S. Have you seen this 75-second viral video on how to stop a massacre based on a real 2012 experience?

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Evan Sayet


Last week, we featured Brandon Darby, who was mentored by high-ranking leftists, but who now talks with the tea party, writes for Breitbart and works with the FBI to stop criminal violence:

--On Breitbart: 'I can't even begin to descirbe what he did in my life'
--To Ginni Thomas: 'I used to hate you'
--Liberals trying to undermine capitalism with racial tropes
--Total media control by the left has not crushed the right
--Nothing makes liberals happy

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