Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daily Policy Digest for April 2, 2013

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April 2, 2013

Third Edition of Freedom in the 50 States

In the Mercatus Center's Freedom in the 50 States' overall freedom ranking, North Dakota comes in first followed by South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire and Oklahoma...


Why Health Care Spending Will Explode under ObamaCare

Following full implementation of ObamaCare in 2014, the government estimates that health care spending may rise by $60 billion to $70 billion per year...


Cyprus Deposit Tax Sets Dangerous Precedent

Cyprus' deposit tax amounts to fraud and reveals the immense danger the European Union's banking system is still in...


Loan Guarantees Distort Free Market

Loan guarantees deny capital to more competitive companies that would receive a loan if a failing business was not kept afloat by a guarantee...


Doctors Skeptical About Future of U.S. Health System

Fifty-five percent of physicians surveyed believe that other doctors will reduce the number of hours they work because of the changes that are occurring in the health system...


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