Thursday, April 25, 2013

Congress & GOP Trying to Exempt Themselves from ObamaCare


Dear CP-USA Members & Friends:
Recent reports indicate that Speaker Boehner and Democrats have been in sensitive backroom talks about carving out special exceptions to ObamaCare for themselves and Congressional aides.  It's similar to what Marie Antoinette said about starving French peasants.."Let them eat cake".  This is how revolutions start.
While it's not surprising that hypocritical Democrats would try to avoid the very Law they forced/imposed on the rest of us American peasants, the idea that the Republican Ruling Class would even entertain the idea should be repugnant to everyone.  This news should also jangle red-hot alarm bells for conservative Republicans who still believe the GOP has a shred of integrity.  True leadership requires any such back-handed political games be killed at inception.  Instead, the GOP "leadership" has been fully engaged in this debacle for two months.
This outrage should be also be linked to GOP efforts to shift $4B from one part of ObamaCare (Prevention & Health Fund) to another part of ObamaCare (Pre-Existing Insurance Fund).  In other words, Republicans are actually shoring up ObamaCare privately when they have sworn to repeal it publicly. Shameful! 
While public outrage about these special exemptions may thwart such Ruling Class shenanigans, the very idea that Republicans actually considered them in the first place is disgraceful. 
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H. Michael Hervey
Conservative Party USA
Twitter: @cpartyusa_01


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