Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Obama controversy is huge


Dear Reader, 

President Barack Obama has certainly had his share of controversy since taking office. 

Think “Obamacare,” the continuing war in Afghanistan, tax hikes, and the giant bailouts, just to name a few. 

But a prominent financial journalist--based just outside of Washington, DC--says there’s an even bigger Obama controversy lurking on the horizon. 

In fact, this journalist says Obama’s "new" controversy is going to shake up both the Democratic AND the Republican parties, big time.  

And he says it will also dramatically change the way people get jobs in America, and how Americans retire. 

I strongly encourage you to check out this fellow’s recent analysis. He’s had a remarkable track record over the past few years of predicting some of the biggest and most influential events in the U.S. economy. 

And now he says Obama’s "new" controversy will definitely have a major impact on your life over the next few years, no matter what your age or where you live. 

We’ve posted this research on our website. You can check it out free of charge, here


George Rayburn
Publisher, S&A Research

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  1. been waiting for expansion onthis comment "And he says it will also dramatically change the way people get jobs in America, and how Americans retire." for an hour now .............. listening to presentaiton - it certainly isn't relevant to someone who has nothing right now - I just want a job