Friday, February 17, 2017

Report: ObamaCare "here to stay"?


We need your help. The fight to repeal and replace ObamaCare is getting more and more difficult. We have about 10 days to rally citizens for this fight. Will you please forward this message below to your friends and ask them to join you in signing our "Repeal and Replace ObamaCare" petition? Or, go here for Facebook and other share tools. Thanks!

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Will you join me in signing this petitoin to repeal and replace ObamaCare? We have just a few days to rally citizens for this fight. Go here to sign and see below for more details.



++ REPORT: "ObamaCare Might Be Here To Stay"

There is enormous pressure right now inside the beltway to abandon a full repeal and replacement of ObamaCare in favor of what they're calling "revise" or "repair and retain." And the liberal media is feasting on apparent divisions within the Republican Party, touting headlines like "ObamaCare Might Be Here To Stay."

But the fact remains...

ObamaCare is a sinking ship that must be abandoned! Humana is the latest to announce it is leaving ObamaCare, with a total collapse seemingly imminent.

Which brings us to today's challenge...

The fact is, we have about TEN DAYS to ramp up as much pressure as possible on the GOP Congress to REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE. That's when the GOP House is expected to take up the repeal (or no repeal) ObamaCare measure in full.

I want to deliver AT LEAST 100,000 petitions from citizens who are calling for ObamaCare to be repealed and replaced RIGHT AWAY. But as of this week, we are still about 25,000 signers short of that goal.

Robert, will you stand with other concerned citizens who are demanding that Congress and the White House REPEAL and REPLACE ObamaCare?

Simply click here or on the image below to automatically sign our REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE THIS YEAR petition. One click is all it takes to have your petition delivered to key Congressional leaders:
After you sign, please urge your friends to sign.

Thanks for the stand you are taking!

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

P.S. We want to deliver 100,000 petitions to House and Senate GOP leaders AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please sign and alert your friends!

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