Thursday, February 16, 2017

I can't make this up

The administration put out a proposal clearly aimed at undermining Obamacare. Here's something you can do right now:
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Robert --

The folks who are pushing to repeal Obamacare day-in and day-out are having trouble, as it becomes increasingly clear that tearing away their constituents' health care is tremendously unpopular -- not to mention cruel and irresponsible.

So they're trying to do it through the back door.

First, Obamacare opponents pulled outreach efforts that were already paid for right before January's enrollment deadline -- effectively barring hundreds of thousands of people from getting coverage -- in an attempt to weaken the insurance market. Now they've gone a step further.

Today, the administration put out a proposal clearly aimed at sabotaging the law at the expense of the people who depend on it. They are proposing that next year's enrollment period be cut in half. They're proposing giving insurance companies free rein to raise deductibles, narrow people's choice of doctors, and put up restrictions for people from getting covered mid-year when they have a child or lose their employer-based insurance.

I am not making this up. The proposal literally admits the new rules will result in "a transfer from consumers to insurers." That is to say, more of your money will be forked over to insurance companies.

Fortunately, we're still governed by some rules in this country, so this proposal, by law, has to allow the public to have their say. So that's exactly what we're going to do.

We're gathering public comments on this outrageous proposal. If you agree we should strengthen insurance coverage and consumer protections -- not weaken them -- speak up and add your comment now.

Obamacare opponents have spent years complaining about this law -- even as it's driven the uninsured rate to an all-time low and given more than 20 million Americans and their families the peace of mind that comes with having health care.

It looks like they can't stomach the repercussions they'd face from repeal, so instead they're taking this cowardly tack -- sneakily gutting the law and desperately trying to pin the blame on someone else.

We will not let that happen.

Your voice matters. By law, this administration -- who is deliberately creating chaos and uncertainty -- has to consider every comment, so don't wait to add yours.

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Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy and Campaigns
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