Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Check out "Ted Cruz CRUSHES Socialist Bernie Sanders in CNN Obamacare Debate" on Tea Party Command Center

National Dire…
Check out the discussion 'Ted Cruz CRUSHES Socialist Bernie Sanders in CNN Obamacare Debate'
Sanders did not stand a chance against Cruz. The left will, of course, say Bernie won....but, they lie!

Discussion posted by National Director, Dee:

It was a debate for the ages, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a constitutional conservative versus Soviet-style socialist Bernie Sanders on CNN Wed...

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Ted Cruz CRUSHES Socialist Bernie Sanders in CNN Obamacare Debate

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  1. Read the facts about the Sanders-Cruz "debate" -- in which Sanders exposes Rafael Eduardo Cruz for the know-nothing ignoramus he really is.

    In the highly anticipated CNN debate between former presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz regarding the Affordable Care Act, Cruz boxed himself into a corner and Sanders was happy to let him stay there.

    After Cruz expressed phony concern that insurance companies have racked up huge profits over the last six years, Sanders excitedly pounced, telling the Texas senator that there is an easy way to combat insurance company greed – simply scrap the for-profit system altogether.

    Once Cruz essentially admitted that the only goal of insurance companies is to make billions of dollars, not help people get health care, Sanders had all the ammunition he needed to urge Cruz to put is money where his mouth is and support a system that puts patient health above profits.

    Predictably, Cruz changed the subject and instead told Sanders they should work together in going after big pharma, hoping to maneuver himself out of his own trap. Once again, though, the Vermont senator was happy to engage, urging Cruz to walk the walk and join him in crafting legislation to take on the issue.

    Each time Cruz tried to pretend to care about greed and profits for the sake of not looking foolish, Sanders made him pay and Cruz was forced backed down. Ultimately, Sanders exposed the Texas senator as a phony who talks a good game but will always defend insurance company profits over his constituents.

    None of this should be all that surprising given the fact that Ted Cruz has received nearly $150,000 from insurance companies since 2011.

    Video clip at link:

  2. Jonathan Chait/New York:

    Obamacare Repeal Is Failing Because It Was Based on a Lie

    Last week, Richard Hanna, a Republican from central New York who just retired from Congress, admitted something that almost no member of his party in elected office has been willing to concede in public. “At the end of the day, the Affordable Care Act will in some form survive, and the millions of people who are on it will have insurance,” he said. “It’s something this country needed and something people want. Politically, it’s untenable to just wipe it away. So who really won? In my argument, the president, Obama, won. At the end of the day we will have some sort of national health care that’s going to look very similar to what we have.” The mania for destroying the law is faltering because the Republican crusade to kill Obamacare was always based on delusions that are no longer possible to conceal.