Monday, December 29, 2014

The Most Important Battle of The New Year

As 2014 winds down, we face one of the most important battles for the next two years.


This battle is the fight for who will be the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

As mentioned in my article for the Times:

The one present I would really like to have is a political party in America that represents real Americans.

The Democrats long ago abandoned even the pretense of looking out for the interests of real Americans. That party is anti-liberty and anti-freedom. It is against God, Christianity and any form of traditional belief. Its members hate America and the things that made America great. If America was the Titanic, the Democrats would root for the iceberg.

Democrats despise Americans. They value the "rights" of terrorists over the rights of Americans. They value illegal aliens more than working Americans. They view the American as nothing more than a cash donor for their insane schemes.

If the last few weeks have shown anything, it is that the Republican Party is really no better. Yes, there are some good, patriotic Republicans, but they are becoming a minority in their party.

John Boehner is running for reelection and many people expect he will be reelected.  If he is, that will be a disaster for the conservative movement.  For the last four years, Boehner has sat in the Speaker's chair and surrendered time after time.  He would not fight to repeal Obamacare.  He would not cut spending.  And after Republicans ran on opposing Obama's executive Amnesty, Boehner helped ram through funding for Obama's Amnesty.

On January 3, the House will vote on the Speaker.  Tea Party Nation is the only national group leading the charge to try and stop Boehner.


If he is Speaker for another two years, it will be a disaster for the conservative cause.


We need your help.


Your generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or what ever you can do will help us this week as we fight to stop John Boehner.


If Boehner is the Speaker for two more years, you will him champion more spending.  He will ensure an Amnesty bill is passed.  He will work with the Chamber of Commerce to destroy the Tea Party.


We must stop him, but we cannot do it without you.


Will you stand with us today?

Yes! I will stand with the Tea Party against reelecting John Boehner as Speaker. We need a Conservative leading the House of Representatives!


Yours in Liberty,


Judson Phillips,

Founder Tea Party Nation


PS.  We have seen John Boehner wave his freshly laundered white flag of surrender too many times.  Without your help to stop him, we will watch him help Barack Obama complete his agenda instead of standing with the conservatives who put him in office. Will you help us today?

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