Monday, December 22, 2014

Sen. Mike Lee: Congress Is Allowing Itself To Become Irrelevant

Have a very Merry Christmas this week!

Americans have come to realize that even after the Republican wave election, President Obama is continuing to try to fundamentally transform America away from its founding principles. What most people thought is that the Republicans, especially after the midterms, would be more focused on stopping him, not cooperating with him. Unfortunately, Republican leaders are more focused on discrediting their own constitutional conservatives than fighting Obama.

Consider this interview of my hero, Utah Senator Mike Lee, as my Christmas gift to every citizen who loves liberty. If you need a little hope and inspiration in your political outlook – invite this riveting Mike Lee interview into your home, and then share it with your friends before the new Congress starts up in January. Sit back and drink it in, as he embodies courage, principle, hope, tenacity, honor and a masterful understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

Lee is shaking up Washington with a bold reform agenda and knowledge of the founders. He speaks clearly and is now under attack from his leadership and the business community, who just might help quietly support a challenger in the Utah Senate primary who they can better control.

In this MUST LISTEN TO, 26 minute interview, Senator Lee explains: 

  • How he thinks it's “morning in America, but Washington, D.C. is the last to get it.”
  • Explains why the CRomnibus the president and Republican leaders helped push through last week, is the perfect example of why Washington is broken.
  • How our fight against Obama’s fundamental transformation reminds him of the time of the American Revolution when not everyone was with us.
  • The election mandate was a vote by Americans to turn away from Obama’s policies, not work with him to transform the country’s government.
  • How he helped talk to demoralized conservatives, especially in states where the primaries left some feeling left out, into helping elect Republicans in order to fight the progressives in Washington.
  • The significance of what the newly exposed architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, reveals, and
  • How Obama’s unnecessary politicized govt shutdown in 2013 started weakening Congress’s ability to use the power of the purse against a stubborn, strong executive.

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas:
Sen. Mike Lee


Last week: You can still watch our interview with the popular Bishop E.W. Jackson, who calls out liberalism as cancerous to the black family and much, much more.

Next weekMolly Henneberg, a Fox News correspondent who left the job she loved after more than 13 years there, in order to spend more time with her young daughter, someone she loved more!



P.S. Many of you want to know how your congressional delegation voted on the CRomnibus this month – which failed to defund Obama’s executive amnesty. House votes are here on the Rule (214-212) and here on final passage (219-206).
If you want to see how your Senator voted, see here for the Cruz motion which received 22 votes and here for the final Senate vote (56-40) on the CRomnibus. Thank the ones who voted right on the rule in the House and on the Cruz vote in the Senate, as those were the most important, as opposed to the final vote on the substance of the corrupt bill.

P.P.S. Please thank anyone you know or meet from Utah for this spectacular leader, Sen. Mike Lee. 

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