Monday, December 29, 2014

Face it - this won't be easy:

Organizing for Action
Friend --

Right now, we're making a lot of plans for 2015. A lot of that planning involves thinking through the realities of this new Congress.

There's no way around it -- our work is going to be butting up against leaders in both the House and Senate who are more than happy with the status quo.

So there's a choice to make: throw up our hands, or work harder.

We need our best supporters like you to step up right now, before Wednesday's fundraising deadline -- chip in $5 or more to fight back.

We'll see a lot of cynical, partisan things from Washington next year -- taking time and resources away from the things the American people sent them there to do.

We'll see Obamacare repealers with the gavel, and climate change deniers at the helm of environmental committees. (Senator James Inhofe -- the new chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee -- has openly called climate change a "hoax.")

So yeah, it won't be easy.

It's always a lot easier to get frustrated and tune out than it is to decide to help.

That's why OFA supporters are different.

We're not creatures of Washington, D.C. -- we're the hardest-working, most talented grassroots organizers on the planet. We're used to taking on the tough fights, and winning.

Right now, you have a hand in deciding what's possible.

We're counting on you -- make a grassroots donation today:



Sara El-Amine
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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