Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Team Obamacare: It's time to play offense

Organizing for Action
You're part of an elite group, you know.

Being a part of Team Obamacare is a lot like being the underdog -- we have to be scrappy and we have to work a little harder, but when we win, it's truly epic.

Looking back on 2014, that's exactly what happened. During the first enrollment period, 10.3 million Americans gained coverage. And the numbers in the second enrollment period have been encouraging so far.

That's what we'll be fighting to protect next year, when some Obamacare opponents take power in Congress. They've already committed to take down health care reform however they can, and they've shown they're willing to spend whatever it takes.

We've beaten them at nearly every turn to this point -- for the sake of the millions of Americans benefiting from this law, I hope you'll keep on fighting for it. Will you chip in to help fund this grassroots program for next year?

As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. OFA has big plans for the final weeks of this enrollment period -- there are millions of Americans who still need to get covered.

The more successful we are at this pivotal moment, the harder it is for the other side to justify trying to take it away.

The scales are tipping in our favor -- but we need to know Team Obamacare is ready to fight for it.

Will you make a grassroots donation today?




Kelly Byrne
National Issues Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action

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