Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Governor McAuliffe continues to ignore us

Bill Stanley for Senate

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Fellow Virginians,
Governor McAuliffe continues to ignore us.
He is focusing his 2015 budget on Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. I still believe that Medicaid expansion is not the answer because we cannot afford it and it does not guarantee quality healthcare for those who have it. Virginia's existing Medicaid costs are 21% of the state budget (or over $18 billion every two years) and Medicaid grows at 8% per year (more than $1 billion every three years), before any Medicaid expansion under Obamacare is added in.   In order to meet the current budget and pay for the additional Medicaid expansion, Virginia must either take the money from our children's education and our public safety, and / or increase taxes by up to an additional $1 billion each year.
Virginia cannot afford Medicaid expansion under Governor McAuliffe's support for Obamacare.  We need Virginia solutions!
That is why I am asking for your help!
Doctors and hospitals are also being paid less under Medicaid reimbursements, they are forced to churn more patients through their system just so they don't lose money. That means patients are less likely to receive quality healthcare, even though they have health insurance, and that will affect all of a doctors' patients, regardless of their insurance. That is unreasonable.
That is why I have proposed options for the citizenry to consider. These legislative proposals have received bi-partisan support and seek to increase the efficiency of the delivery of quality healthcare for all of Virginia's citizens at a lower cost than Medicaid expansion.
The Governor, along with President Obama, seems to think that simply having a health insurance coverage card equates to receiving quality healthcare.  IT DOES NOT!
Will you help me continue to stand up to McAuliffe and his Washington allies and contribute $10, $25 before December 31st?  
Having a Medicaid card does not guarantee quality healthcare. In fact, due to the increased burden Medicaid expansion will put on our healthcare system by forcing doctors to hurry patients through their examining rooms just so they can break even on Medicaid reimbursements, it is likely the quality of healthcare for all of us will diminish. The Governor also seems to be oblivious to the costs of Medicaid expansion.  We will be faced with a significant challenge paying for Medicaid in the next few years without Medicaid expansion; paying for Governor McAuliffe's Medicaid expansion under Obamacare will either 1) hurt other programs, like our children's education and fire and rescue personnel and programs, or 2) increase our taxes to unbearable levels.
We need Virginia solutions, not more of Obama and McAuliffe's policies. 
Please consider contributing today $10, or $25 today
Warmest Regards,


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