Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BREAKING: House Spending Bill Fully Funds Obama's Border Invasion AND Obamacare!

Fellow Patriots,

This is a special alert that needs your immediate attention. Details are now out about Boehner's outrageous new spending bill and they aren't pretty. 

The massive spending bill does the following

  • Fully funds departments helping those illegally crossing our borders. $948 million for HHS illegal immigrant assistance, for example. An increase of $80 million. Another $14 million goes to schools taking in illegal immigrants and State Department gets $260 million to assist central American countries where the illegals are invading from. 
  • Fully funds Obamacare.
  • Funds an African American History museum in D.C.
  • Funds a pork project for outgoing Republican Eric Cantor. 

And much, MUCH more. Click here for details and be sure to leave a comment

Melt the phones!

- The PAN Team

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