Friday, June 13, 2014


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Robert --

Have you ever filled out a survey and just known that your thoughts were going straight into some black hole, never to be seen by another human being again?

Robert, this is not one of those surveys.

When OFA asks for your feedback, we pore over what you tell us, and we use it to guide this organization's strategy.

At the end of last year, supporters told us overwhelmingly that we should focus on health care reform and the big push to get Americans covered.

That's exactly what we did -- as Carson likes to say, we went all in, putting as many resources as we could toward the tactics that worked best to get the word out about Obamacare.

I'm really glad we did. The successes of the health care law -- and the millions of people whose lives are better off today because of it -- are finally forcing the other side to come to terms with reality a little bit.

But trust me -- there are still powerful interests focused on repeal. And there are plenty of other big fights ahead, such as going toe-to-toe with the polluters and dirty interests who are prepared to fight the President's climate plan tooth and nail. We want to raise the minimum wage, fight for equal pay for women, pass comprehensive immigration reform, keep driving progress on marriage equality, and so much more.

But we're asking you.

So don't hold back -- tell us what you think. Fill out this quick, one-question survey right now:



Lindsay Siler
National Director of Issue Campaigns
Organizing for Action

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