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This Tuesday

This Tuesday is one of the biggest elections of 2014.

Weeks ago, real Conservative Chris McDaniel forced incumbent Senator Thad Cochran into a runoff. It was a huge victory for grassroots activists looking to shake up Washington.


FreedomWorks for America is helping conservative activists push Chris McDaniel over the finish line. We’ve been blanketing the state with materials like yard signs and door hangers, along with giving activists phone banking technology to help get out the vote for Chris.


On Tuesday, Mississippi activists plan to win, and send a real Conservative to Congress. They plan to upset the DC Establishment and send a message: 2014 is the year more conservatives than ever go to Washington.

Check out the on-the-ground action in Mississippi here.



A Win for the Constitution

We’re one step closer to stopping the NSA’s warrantless spying.

Last Thursday night, the House of Representatives voted on a spending bill with an amendment that requires the NSA and other intelligence agencies to follow due process and obtain warrants to spy on Americans. Patriots like you made hundreds of phone calls to their representatives. You demanded that Congress rein in the NSA.

And your voice was heard!

Led by Representative Thomas Massie, a bipartisan majority voted for the amendment. 135 Republicans and 158 Democrats joined together to restore the 4th Amendment. This was a huge victory for privacy and the Constitution.

This fight wasn’t about political parties, it was about standing up for true American principles.

This victory wouldn’t have happened without your dedication to the Constitution and rule of law. Thank you.

You can read more about the Massie Amendment here.


Know Your Government

How familiar are you with the American judicial system?

The judicial branch is one of the three branches of our government. Yet, it’s often the most overlooked. Congress and the president receive the most attention, even while court decisions affect our everyday lives.

FreedomWorks wants to change how ordinary Americans understand their judicial system. That’s why we launched our new “Judicial Reform” project.

We created a one-stop portal covering commonly used terms, landmark Supreme Court cases, and how the judicial system is structured. We touch on the different types of cases, how judges are chosen, important cases as they arise, and the ideological make-up of different courts. We also created courses on FreedomWorks University to give you interactive, in-depth training.

Many Americans know that under our system of government, the legislative branch makes the laws. Most Americans, however, don’t realize the extent to which unelected, unaccountable judges create new law out of thin air through their decisions. The ObamaCare fiasco is a great example, when Chief Justice John Roberts declared the law’s individual mandate as a “tax,” and therefore legal.

The Constitution mandated that our government have three branches. It’s time to take a closer look at the most hidden branch: the judiciary. The decisions of judges and courts have a great impact on your freedom. The more you know, the more you can start fighting back and reclaim your liberty.

Check out the new Judicial Reform project now.


A Gathering of Free Minds

FreedomFest is only a few weeks away!

If you don’t know what FreedomFest is, it’s the largest gathering of free minds in the country. For a few days in July, patriots come to Las Vegas for one of the biggest liberty events of the year. You don’t want to miss this.

Awesome voices for liberty like Steve Forbes, Peter Schiff, Stephen Moore, and others will be speaking. FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe will be delivering a keynote address on NSA spying and why we need to protect our privacy.  

You don’t want to miss Matt’s keynote address, and the other great speakers at FreedomFest.

Register for FreedomFest now.


Check out FreedomWorks for America activists

Check out the latest boots-on-the-ground action from FreedomWorks for America activists. They are organizing across the country, and they're ready to put real Conservatives in charge of the Senate.















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julie epa video.pngThis week's video features a new episode of Real Talk with Julie Borowski. In this episode, Julie discusses the new EPA rule that will devastate our economy and drive up energy prices at home.

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