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Richmond Tea Party Action Alert! 3 Items!

June 8, 2014


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*7th District Congressional Primary*
Tuesday, June 10th, 6am-7pm
Normal Polling Places

Tuesday is Primary Day in the 7th Congressional District! We encourage you to learn about the candidates and exercise your right to vote. The winner is likely to be your next congressman, since there is no other challenger.

America has been trending toward becoming a more powerful, centralized government for decades. The evidence is all around us--Obamacare, IRS scrutiny and other federal intrusion into almost all aspects of our lives. As government increases its power, the power of the citizens diminishes. We are looking for a candidate who will reverse the big government trend and move us back to self-governance.

The open primary for the 7th Congressional District on June 10th is another opportunity to select a representative whom we believe will challenge the status quo in DC and work to limit government's reach. The incumbent is 6-term Congressman Eric Cantor. He is being challenged by a new entrant into politics, Dr. David Brat, an ethics and economics professor at Randolph Macon College.

We encourage you to learn about these candidates and select the one who most closely aligns with our Tea Party principles.

You can find out more about Dave Brat at

You can find out more about Eric Cantor at

Primary voter turnout is notoriously low! Your vote is critically important!

Polls are open Tuesday from 6am to 7pm!

Trusted sources tell us that Medicaid expansion, the "handmaiden of Obamacare", is about to become a done deal! One of the driving forces behind Medicaid expansion (besides McAuliffe) is State Senator John Watkins!

EMAIL & CALL WATKINS NOW & tell him NOT to sponsor or sign Medicaid expansion! Contact info here.

Take Action NOW to Protect Your Voting Rights!

This one came out of NOWHERE, but you MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!

There is legislation being proposed in DC to allow Attorney General Eric Holder to interfere in state elections! Obviously, we cannot let this happen!

Bottom Line: Liberals are twisting arms of Republicans to pass this dangerous legislation (HR 3899, S 1945). Congressman Eric Cantor is specifically being pressured. If passed, your voting rights would be in the hands of Attorney General Holder! We must tell Eric Cantor to stop this bill!

ACTION ITEM: You can read more about this alarming bill here.

Email Eric Cantor and tell him to protect your voting rights by voting NO on HR 3899!! Click here!



RTP Meeting June 26th, 7pm!  


"Get to Know The Republican Party of Virginia"-Part II

"What does a Precinct Captain do?"

"Who's on the State Central Committee?"

"Could the Tea Party really gain control of the GOP?"

Part II of our series will answer these questions (and more) as we explore the GOP Party organization itself!

This is the "nuts & bolts" info you need to become a force in VA politics! 

*Our Special Guests*

Pat McSweeney  

Former Chairman of the state-wide Republican Party of Virginia, current RPV Legal Counsel, and Powhatan GOP Unit Chairman! Also a former Asst. US Attorney General...A tremendous amount of political experience and knowledge awaiting YOUR questions!


Ben Slone

Goochland GOP Unit Chairman, political activist, and board member of Richmond Tea Party! Ben will share his insights of the GOP at the local level and also in State Central Committee. Good info that applies directly to how YOU can change the political landscape of Virginia!



WHEN: June 26th, 7-8:30pm 


WHERE: Our offices at Greatspace,

10825 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond 


Remember to Bring a Friend!  



You Can Submit Items!  

Any volunteer may submit items to the newsletter! 

Simply submit your finished articles that align with RTP Principles to before 8 pm on the 1st or 3rd Thursday of each month. We will format it for you and put it in the following Tuesday newsletter if approved by the Board! Try it!



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