Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Support a Real Conservative Majority Leader

Last week, grassroots conservatives in Virginia made history by FIRING House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Now we need a new House Majority Leader – a real Conservative leader we can trust.

Representative Raúl Labrador announced he will run to be House Majority Leader. This is great! Rep. Labrador would be a principled Majority Leader who stands up to the radical Obama Agenda. He’s a true Constitutional Conservative that knows the American Dream can only be achieved with freedom and limited government.

The people have spoken and it’s time for fresh leadership in Congress. As Majority Leader, Rep. Labrador will fight for our movement.

Send a message to your representative and urge them to support Raúl Labrador for House Majority Leader right now. 


FreedomWorks Empower in Chicago

Liberty is for everyone. Free markets and limited government make everyone more prosperous – no matter the color of their skin. The American Dream is about opportunity, and there can’t be opportunity without freedom. Unfortunately, that lesson has been lost in communities dominated by Big Government. FreedomWorks’ goal is to reverse this trend and reach out to individuals to explain the benefits of freedom on a one-on-one basis.


To kick off the Empower campaign for the summer, FreedomWorks Director of Outreach Deneen Borelli hosted a very special minority outreach event in Chicago yesterday. Held in the New Zion Covenant Church, a panel of local black leaders discussed important issues like health care, the education system, and unemployment. Their goal was simple: develop locally-based solutions for big problems facing the community. 


Hundreds of Chicagoans from all walks of life attended the event. Members of the all-star panel included Deneen, Senior Pastor at New Zion Covenant Church Bishop Lance Davis, Congressional Candidate for IL-02 Dr. Eric Wallace, former NAACP chapter president The Rev. CL Bryant, and Director of the African-American Male Resource Center at Chicago State University Kwesi Ronald E. Harris.


The conversation was great and many different views were brought to the table. A question-and-answer session followed where the audience was able to address their concerns for the black community and America as a whole.

The Fight Continues in Mississippi

Grassroots activists in Mississippi stunned the nation by forcing Senator Thad Cochran into a runoff election. Constitutional Conservative Chris McDaniel received more votes than Sen. Cochran and proved that Mississippi wants a real patriot in Congress.


The runoff election is just over a week away. FreedomWorks for America is doubling down. We’re going to make sure Chris McDaniel crosses the finish the line and retires Thad Cochran.


This weekend, FreedomWorks for America activists started covering the state with pro-Chris McDaniel materials including 20,000 yard signs and 40,000 door hangers. Activists spent the weekend distributing the materials during block walking in competitive precincts.


To win the race in Mississippi, we must empower grassroots activists and connect with voters face-to-face. FreedomWorks for America activists are ready to fight. They already upset the DC Establishment once. Come the runoff election, they plan to do it again.



A Victory in Virginia

This past week, grassroots activists in Virginia again stopped the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in their state. For months, Virginians have made phone call after phone call to stop the expansion of Obama’s health care takeover.

Thanks to their hard work, the State Legislature just passed a budget that didn’t include the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion – against the wishes of Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe. The fight isn’t over, but grassroots conservatives were victorious in this important battle. Bravo, Virginia!

Join Glenn Beck to Fight Common Core

Are you ready to stop Common Core?

This summer, FreedomWorks and Glenn Beck will team up for the biggest education-freedom event of the year. We plan to stop the Common Core education takeover. And we plan to get started right away.

On July 22, patriots from across the country will come together to learn how to stop Common Core for good. Glenn calls it “We Will Not Conform.” You can join in on all the action live from your local movie theater.

“We Will Not Conform” is a nation-wide event for all Americans tired of Big Government’s hold on our education system. Join us, and help stop the education takeover. The future of the next generation is one line.

You can get your tickets to “We Will Not Conform” here.

Beck Common Core Fathom Convio

Get Your Copy of "Obama's Enforcer"

Ted Cruz says that Eric Holder is the “most partisan attorney general the country has ever had.” I can’t help but agree. As Attorney General, Eric Holder oversaw the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservative activists, NSA spying, and the Fast and Furious scandal.

How did this happen?

John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky have the answer in their new book “Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department.” As conservative scholars, they understand the history of the Department of Justice and why our government is out of control.

You need to get this book.

You can get your copy of “Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department” here.

Check out FreedomWorks for America activists

Check out the latest boots-on-the-ground action from FreedomWorks for America activists. They are organizing across the country, and they're ready to put real Conservatives in charge of the Senate.

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kibbe hardball23.pngThis week's video features Matt Kibbe discussing the historic defeat of Eric Cantor on Hardball with Chris Matthews. The grassroots are taking over, and Kibbe explains why.

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