Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pete: Are you part of this milestone?

Organizing for Action
Pete --

If you've ever wondered what we mean when we talk about the power of grassroots organizing, here's a perfect example:

OFA is pretty darn close to reaching half a million grassroots donors.

Those donors -- 493,784 and counting -- have stepped up to say, "I care enough about this work to actually invest in it." It's these $5, $10, and $25 donations that have allowed us to take on some of the most powerful special interests in politics.

As we approach the critical June fundraising deadline, I'm asking you to chip in what you can today and do your part to build this grassroots movement.

According to the records associated with this exact email address:

    -- 2014 Membership Status: Not yet
    -- Suggested Action: Donate $5 or more today.

I'm well aware that some of the interest groups on the other side count their donations by the millions of dollars. The Koch brothers and Karl Roves of the world don't rely on grassroots support because they don't need to.

But there's a reason the hundreds of millions of dollars some of these groups spent on tearing down Obamacare, for instance, have largely gone to waste -- their dollars can only buy them so much.

Every single one of our small donations represents a real person who's willing to organize -- to fight back against their myths with facts. In the last few months alone, OFA volunteers joined with progressive partners to hold thousands of grassroots events, and train hundreds of future grassroots leaders.

Today I'm asking you to fight back against the Roves and Kochs in the smartest way we know of: invest in the grassroots movement that knows how to beat them.

Nearly 500,000 strong -- be part of making it stronger. Chip in $5 or more today:




Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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