Friday, August 16, 2013


Please sign the petition!

From: Ruth Litschewski <>
Date: August 14, 2013 9:12:03 PM EDT

OK Middle Peninsula Tea Party and friends.....Now is the time to stand and be counted....Monday morning ....August 26th....   

If you ever wanted Rob Wittman to listen to you and change the way he has been voting, --and especially starting in September with Congress convening  - now is the time to STAND AND BE COUNTED.   We have put together a "rallying cry" to let him know we are not happy with his voting record.   The leadership of the entire TP of the First Congressional District have tried countless times to get him to listen to no avail. So this is the last effort before Congress convenes on Sept 9th and ALL TPs in his District are going to rally.

PLEASE STAND WITH US on August 26th at 10 am in front of his HQ in Stafford. Please see the attachments for details.  They are (1) a 2-sided flyer (including his egregious record and what we expect going forward in September and beyond - including a link to an on-line petition to get his attention) and (2) an actual  2-sided PETITION for those to print off and get signatures and bring to the rally or mail asap. Print and use these as you see fit.  Pass them to anyone - neighbors, friends, relatives, etc.    Education is the key to understanding our frustration and intention to push very hard to get his attention.   We are in the end game - in overtime....and he is on the bench waiting on Boehner to call the shots. 

THIS IS THE LAST make your voice heard.   If you don't participate and send a loud and clear message, we can expect that he will cave to Boehner, as always (check his record) and NOT defund Obamacare in September and a host of other issues.   This is a critical time and we need ALL hands on deck.  

Because the "rallying cry" is in Stafford (about 2.5 hrs away), his "safe" HQ, we are going to rent a bus or more to help get us there - to the door walking, no $35 per person- bring your signs, water, lunch - whatever.   See the info (attached)  if you prefer to drive (address details, etc attached.)   I am counting on my Tea Party Patriots of the Middle Peninsula.   All Tea Parties and Concerned Citizens of the Mid-Pen are participating.  I have been hard at work with our First Congressional Tea Party Alliance....and all are activated and ready to attend because we have tried for years to no avail.  We need hundreds to get his attention.  Bring a friend or relative.   Pressure is about the numbers.  Don't assume others will come - YOU must be there - please. YOUR voice is important!  We are going to give this BIG PR.   I need to know and hear from you if you are coming.  I know it is short notice but please make it a priority.

More coming on the bus details.   Let me know if you want to ride the bus asap.  I'll rent as many as possible.   We are hoping York and Essex folks will hop aboard via Rt 17.
Most Sincerely, Your Leader - Ruth
- Call me - 725-7282 - if you have any questions. You can respond here at this email address as well.    I'll also be posting this to our "Meet Up" site and/or you can respond there as well. This email is more private.   More details to follow re the bus. I really need you to participate.
God Bless and Save America.....
PS - I've also attached some ideas for signs just to get you thinking!  We want - always - to remain respectful - we are patriots.
Ruth Litschewski
Middle Peninsula Tea Party ~ In God We Trust

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