Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How important is job growth to you?

Jackson for Lt. Governor


I am in a fight to help small businesses in the Commonwealth - and I need your help today!
Everywhere I go in the Commonwealth, people are worried about jobs and the economy. The uncertainty created by Obamacare and other actions at the Federal level is crippling growth. 
Believe me, I get it. I have helped create jobs by starting and running several small businesses - a law practice, several ministries, and a radio station. 
To be sure, I have met with both success and failure - but I know how important it is for small businesses to have a champion, an advocate, who will go to bat for them and make government work for them instead of the other way around
The people of Virginia have a choice this year - and it is a stark one. 
On one hand, you have me, serial entrepreneur and small business lawyer and advocate, who will be an ombudsman for business from Day One… or you can have Ralph Northam.
For Senator Northam, this is the disadvantage of being a Richmond insider - he can’t hide from his record
Each year, every Virginia state Senator is allowed a certain number of bills they can introduce- and that number is limited. So each year, you can tell what the priorities of each legislator are by what that legislator submits.
Ralph Northam has been in the state Senate for nearly six years. In that time, he has submitted 87 bills.
Of those, only 5 bills (or 6% of the total) have had anything to do with job growth or economic development
That’s right - 5 out of 87, for a scant 6%. And this at a time when for several years the unemployment rate in Norfolk, his Senate district, was nearly 10%.
Me neither!
Ralph Northam has already shown us where his priorities are - he would rather talk about divisive social issues than about job creation, a fact he has proven year after year in the state senate of Virginia!
It’s time for public servants who actually understand that they have to make government work for YOU. That’s why I am running- and it’s why I need your help most urgently.  
Donate $100, $50, or even $25 today to help me get our Commonwealth’s economy back on track. Let’s create the certainty that comes from knowing that the business community has an advocate on our side!
With sequestration, Obamacare, and all the Federal policies going wrong - what a relief it will be to know our next Lt. Governor will be rock solid, on our side for job creation - every day, every year, from Day One.
For God and Country,

E.W. Jackson


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