Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ask the aids,to study in America

To day ,i have visited this site,one part. I wish to study in America, i have followed on education, i have seen the lists the university. I want to study in North-Eastern hill university, or other you will given. I ask the aids to go in Amerca,mercy.
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Friend --

You know what's not funny? When 80 members of Congress
say they'll refuse to do their jobs just because they don't get
their way.

That's what happened last week when a gang of House
Republicans sent Speaker John Boehner a letter informing
him that they'd rather trigger a government shutdown before
voting for a budget that funds Obamacare.

It's an absolutely absurd demand -- and it's forcing John
Boehner to make a decision: be a leader or cave to the
extreme members of the House.

The good news is that a lot of folks across the country are
sick of these games.

Add your name -- tell Speaker Boehner to stand up to
anti-Obamacare bullies in Congress right now:



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Subject: This is nonsense:

Friend --

In case you missed it, here's the latest plan being pushed
by some members of the House: Cut all funding for Obamacare,
or shut down the government.

Congress has until September 30th to pass a budget, and
these representatives think this is the best time to wage a
fight against a law that is already helping millions of Americans.

It's going to be up to Speaker John Boehner to decide if
he's going to let these folks play games over the federal budget.

Be a voice of reason -- add your name to tell Speaker
Boehner not to let this craziness get in the way of passing
a smart budget:

The federal budget is how we determine our priorities as
a country. Congress is deciding whether we give more tax
breaks to corporations, or fund programs for our country's
schools, or -- yes -- help people get access to affordable
health care.

President Obama has a budget plan to grow the economy
from the middle out -- not the top down. Because unless
we make investments to help the middle class to grow, we'll
never do more than move from one fiscal crisis to the next.

We don't need more obstructionism from some members
of Congress. And we certainly don't need a government

This country deserves better -- if you agree, add your
name today to stand up to the extreme proposals in the House:



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