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Are You, as a Conservative, Ready for Obamacare?




Are You, as a Conservative, Ready for Obamacare?


Obamacare has passed and it looks as though the Republicans will not do much more than give lip service to defunding or eradicating it completely. This made Sherry and I take a hard look at the future of our family's well being under America's future healthcare system.


With the IRS abusing their position to target conservatives, does anyone doubt that an IRS-run healthcare system would deny services to someone based on their conservative political affiliation?


Many of you remember the late founder of Breitbart, Andrew Breitbart. Tragically, he was walking home one evening and dropped dead at the age of 43, leaving behind his grieving wife and 4 children. We all lost a great warrior for our cause when he died of heart failure.


As Sherry and I took in the shock of losing someone who was so instrumental in helping the conservative movement, it made us take a closer look at our own health. As parents to three children ourselves, we wanted to ensure we were doing everything we could to help us and our family live healthier lives.  Sherry started running and is now up to 40 minutes a day. She even has our young sons running with her. I do martial arts.


We have also switched our eating to a mostly plant-based diet. Sherry has lost 16 pounds and I have lost almost 30. My blood pressure medication has been cut in half and I am hoping to eventually stop using it completely.


Replace Your Medicine Cabinet With God's Oils


Recently, Sherry noticed the wife of our former priest was posting about the success she was having using essential oils to treat her family's health issues so they were not relying on over-the-counter medications and had fewer doctor visits.


Sherry messaged her and found something that has changed our life for the better -  therapeutic grade essential oils.


For those who are unfamiliar, therapeutic grade essential oils are naturally high in antioxidants and give us non-toxic support that can enhance our immune system, help us heal injuries faster, decrease pain, improve sleep, decrease hunger, elevate our mood and more. 

Young Living Essential Oils


We decided to join the company, Young Living as our research showed they are the world leader in producing and guaranteeing 100% pure and potent therapeutic grade essential oils. We learned how you can use God's medicine with just 9 of the most essential basic oils for a multitude of health and wellness issues, toxic-free cleaning, first aid, emotional healing, pet/animal care and even cooking.


If you are as concerned about Obamacare and the future of America's healthcare as we are, you may want to start looking for natural alternatives for your family's pains, bug bites, sun burn, coughs and colds, flu, stress, weight loss and first aid needs. Young Living has over 200 all natural 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils to help you and your family live a healthier lifestyle. We believe this is one of the best ways you can prepare your family to lead a life of wellness, purpose and abundance by using Young Living Essential Oils.


If you are someone who loves natural solutions, or are interested in learning more about how you can make over your medicine cabinet using these oils, please visit our site to learn more.


Obamacare is right around the corner.  Make your healthy life choices today, before it's too late.


Learn More How Your Family Can Benefit from Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Here.







Last night I heard the testimony of a lady who used fertility drugs to get pregnant and one side effect was possible cancer. She developed ocular cancer years later and Dr's wanted to remove her eyes or it would spread. She refused and it spread to her liver. Diagnosed Stage 4 liver cancer, given 6 mo to live. She went to MD Anderson and signed up for a study where no drugs were permitted, not even Tylenol. Only raw food could be consumed and nothing over 115 degrees F. She heard about EO's and her Dr said it was ok to try as long as it wasn't a chemical drug because of the study she was participating in. She began with 6oz NingXia Red per day, 30 drops Frankincense per day and bottle of Orange per day. A month into it they saw significant improvement and 3 months later she was cancer free!! Oils and diet and Jesus did the trick! The body has the ability to heal itself when given the correct nutrients to do so. – YL Distributor, Texas


Asthma and Allergies


I used to have all kinds of allergies and asthma and was on everything from Seldane, Sudafed, steroid inhalers that caused heart palpatations, dry eyes and mouth, and I was even on a breathing machine (nebulizer) at one point. Now with the help of these oils, my allergies are almost non-existent. – April, Texas


High Blood Pressure


I have been on blood pressure medicine for a couple of years now. Even with daily medication, I was averaging 140's over high 80's. About a month ago I started a daily regimen with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. I weaned myself off the meds and my blood pressure has been consistently in the 120's to 70's.  – Diane, MI


* Testimonials have not been verified by the FDA.


Learn More How Your Family Can Benefit from Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Here.

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