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[Peninsula-Patriots] Fw: Fwd: GOP Establishment Declares War on Ken Cuccinelli

Thanks to Don Michelle for this.
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So... the intra-party war begins NOW! Makes Monday protest at Wittman's office even more important. 


Dear Patriot,
House Republican Leader Eric Cantor's chief political advisor and former Chief of Staff just announced he will work to defeat Tea Party conservative Ken Cuccinelli in this year's governor's race in Virginia.
The Republican political establishment wants to crushthe Tea Party, silence grassroots conservatives, andprotect big government at any cost!
That's why it has officially dispatched one of its very top political campaign operatives to work for a liberal Democrat and crank out attack ads against a Tea Party conservative!
Citizens for the Republic was founded by Ronald Reagan when he was fighting the establishment back in the 1970s.
And the time has come for us to do it again!
We need your help to launch a flight of ads that will contrast Ken Cuccinelli's sterling conservative record with his opponent's career of cronyism and opportunism.
We need to tell the truth that the Republican establishment refuses to tell!
What the establishment is trying to do to Ken Cuccinelli is horrific. You see, Ken was the very first state attorney general to challenge Obamacare in court. He fought the Obama Administration on global warming and ridiculous regulations.
Ken is a true grassroots conservative who is not afraid to fight to save America.
But that's why the Republicans-in-Name-Only hate him so much. And that's why they have dispatched Boyd Marcus, one of the most senior GOP "operatives" in the country, to work on liberal Democrat Terry McAulilffe's campaign.
The GOP establishment doesn't want to defund Obamacare. They don't want to cut government. They don't want to stand up to Obama.
And they certainly don't want a young Tea Party governor winning in the crucial "swing state" of Virginia.
That's why they are pulling out all the stops to crush a once-in-a-generation conservative candidate like Ken Cuccinelli.
Just think about this:
While Republican Leader Eric Cantor's top advisor is getting cozy in his new position on Democrat Terry McAullife's campaign, Republican "leader" Mitch McConnell and his allies Lindsey Graham and John McCain are waging all-out war against conservatives who want to defund Obamacare.
Coincidence? Of course not!
Grassroots conservatives like you and me are now engaged in all-out war with Republican "moderates" who would rather sell out to Barack Obama than try to save this country.
That's why we are reaching out to you today. Conservative activists from all walks of life need to rally and fight back now.
Here at Citizens for the Republic we understand how to win these battles and defend Reagan conservatism. But we need your help now more than ever.
We need to fight on Capitol Hill and in the neighborhoods in Virginia. We need to stand up to the establishment bullies who believe they can destroy conservative candidates and protect big government.
But we can't do it without you.

For freedom,

Craig Shirley and Diana Banister, Directors


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