Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This is how we beat them


Patriot Action Network

Fellow Patriots,

Grassfire has made a HUGE commitment this year. Words simply cannot describe how much time, energy and resources have gone into this new digital ecosystem. 


Because for too long we've pumped our hard earned money into the global corporations that control information online. We've all bankrolled the very political beast that now fights us at every turn. 

When we click an ad on Facebook, buy a cup of coffee at starbucks, host a crowdfunding campaign on one of the big crowdfunding sites or host our websites with many of the biggest web hosting companies that exist today, we funnel money into corporate giants who then use it against us politically. 

They insult us, try to censor and some even respond to our complaints by saying we should just take our business elsewhere. 

Ok. Let's do that

Grassfire is building out a new social network that will soon transform into something incredible. Our network WILL be a powerful alternative to Facebook. But we're not just a social network with profiles and activity feeds. No, we're a digital ecosystem that will empower users to run full scale ecommerce businesses, profitable news websites/blogs, crowdfunding campaigns and more. 

And we'll teach members of our network how to do it all. 

This is unlike anything you've seen before. This is truly an entire digital network for the liberty movement. 

And it's how we'll beat them. 

But the first step is to join the network home at with a free social profile. And after you join it's key that you engage with others, join groups, take part in discussion forums, start a blog and be active throughout the activity feed. 

We need your help to bootstrap the network and help us build the level of activity. Because we're soon going to roll out the entire program and it's going to be YUGE!

Want to help push back against the radicals who use the internet to fight us? Click here to join our new social network now. 

++ Click here to set up a free social profile now

Don't put this off. Don't wait to get started. 

It's time we get serious about where our digital activism, commerce and energy will go. We cannot afford to continue giving it to the California corporate elitists any longer. 

Click here to join the new social network now

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Keep up the fight and stay vigilant!


-Eric Odom

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