Saturday, January 7, 2017

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Check out the discussion 'Obamacare Was ‘Lie From The Beginning’ Says Trump'
He was. But, Obamacare and Obama have essentially destroyed the Democrat party so there were consequences for his lying.

Discussion posted by Tif Morgan:

 To tell you all the truth, our team has been very busy, and seeing how Obamacare is a Tax by the British Empire, against Americans, enjoy...

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Obamacare Was ‘Lie From The Beginning’ Says Trump

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  1. Another DC contractor stiffed by Trump; files lien; liens against Trump now up to $5 million

    Workers from AES Electrical apparently went all out to make sure Donald Trump could open his luxury hotel on the day he wanted.

    In the frenzied final six weeks of work at the hotel, while Trump touted the project on the campaign trail, AES of Laurel, Md., claims it assigned 45 members of its staff to work 12-hour shifts for nearly 50 consecutive days to get the lights, electrical and fire systems prepared on time.

    “We had people there well over 12 hours a day for weeks because they had a hard opening of Sept. 12 and you can’t open if the lights don’t work and the fire alarms don’t work and the fire marshal can’t inspect it,” said Tim Miller, executive vice president of AES. “There is a lot of work that went into that hotel, and it didn’t happen by accident.”

    Trump got his wish: The hotel was ready enough that on Sept. 16 he held a campaign event there honoring veterans, which was carried live on national television. He touted the hotel as having been completed “under budget and ahead of schedule” and said that when it opened officially the following month it would be “one of the great hotels anywhere in the world.”

    Read more:

    Trump refused to pay the contractor, resulting in yet another lien against the Trump DC hotel . . . total of $5 million in liens.


  2. Of course there's no conflict of interest here -- Trump son-in-law working on deal with China while "advising" Trump on foreign policy.

    Donald Trump’s son-in-law is currently in negotiations with a massive Chinese financial conglomerate to redevelop one of his family’s “crown jewel” properties while at the same time he’s advising the president-elect on foreign policy and setting up his administration, the New York Times is reporting.

    In a deep dive into the finances of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s family real estate empire, the Times reveals that Ivanka Trump’s husband has been working on a multi-million dollar financial package with executives from the Anbang Insurance Group — a few of whom have expressed an interest in meeting the president-elect.

    According to the report, the Kushner family began negotiations with the Chinese financiers well before Trump was elected president, with talks centering on the Kushner family’s property at 666 Fifth Avenue. The building is part of Kushner real estate empire that has made over $7 billion in acquisitions in the last decade, often using off-shore money.

    While Trump’s closeness to his businesses remains problematic, with the president-elect continuously delaying details on how he will establish a blind trust to avoid conflict of interest charges, Kushner’s involvement with both the president and his own family’s businesses presents a whole different set of problems.

    The connection to Anbang is a perfect example of the murkiness in financial entanglements and the appearance of conflicts. Anbang is estimated to have assets worth over $285 billion and is connected to not only the Chinese government but to ownership hidden through shell companies.

    According to the report, Kushner needs to work out a deal quickly with Anbang on the 5th Ave. property that is mired in debt and has a $1.1 billion loan due in 2019 — while much of the commercial space in the building remains occupied.

    While Anbang has been successful in scooping up U.S. properties and businesses, it has run into difficulties on some purchases due to a property’s proximity to military bases, as well as an unwillingness to divulge information about its financial structure or who exactly is a shareholder in the company.

    No problem . . . as soon as Trump is sworn in, he'll delete the requirement for Anbang to reveal anything about its business.

    You can read the whole report here.

  3. NO, you slobbering fools, a crowd of Muslims did not set fire to a German church, no matter what Not-So-Breitbart claims

    Source: Agence France-Presse in Berlin

    German media and politicians have warned against an election-year spike in fake news after the rightwing website Breitbart claimed a mob chanting “Allahu Akbar” had set fire to a church in the city of Dortmund on New Year’s Eve.

    After the report by the US site was widely shared on social media, the city’s police clarified that no “extraordinary or spectacular” incidents had marred the festivities.

    The local newspaper, Ruhr Nachrichten, said elements of its online reporting on New Year’s Eve had been distorted by Breitbart to produce “fake news, hate and propaganda”.

    The justice minister of Hesse state, Eva Kühne-Hörmann, said that “the danger is that these stories spread with incredible speed and take on lives of their own”.

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