Friday, January 13, 2017

Absolutely STUPID


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Fellow Patriots,

It's Friday night and we had to get an update out. This because Nancy Pelosi has once again outdone herself. The same radical Nancy Pelosi who has said some of the dumbest things we've ever heard from a politician. 

Pelosi has once again raised the bar for how stupid a political statement can be. 

You see, Pelosi tweeted that Republicans are rushing their repeal of Obamacare. Never mind that many of us believe Republicans might move to slow on the repeal. And never mind that Pelosi was Speaker when Democrats shoved the ACA down our throats in an overnight vote when Obama took office. 

Pelosi thinks the GOP is just not thinking this through. 

And to make it worse... the same tweet includes Pelosi's wild proclamation that Democrats carefully considered the ACA when it was passed. 

No joke. 

Do yourself a favor and click here for the full story and bonus flashback video. It's a hoot. 



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Don't put this off. Don't wait to get started. 

It's time we get serious about where our digital activism, commerce and energy will go. We cannot afford to continue giving it to the California corporate elitists any longer. 

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Keep up the fight and have a great weekend!

-Eric Odom

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