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Grassroots Leadership Academy (FREE!)
Monday, May 11, 2015 7pm (6 sessions over 12 weeks)

Vitter Petition

Say No to Fast-Track Authority

New on ATP Web



This just in from American For Prosperity:
Grassroots Leadership Academy

Monday, May 11, 2015 7pm (6 sessions over 12 weeks)


I just wanted to make sure you got the invitation to Grassroots Leadership Academy's first Grassroots Activist Certification training course in Northern Virginia. I'm very excited about this opportunity to develop my activist skills, and I hope you'll join me! This is your opportunity to learn how to become the most effective activist for freedom from top AFPF trainers AND earn a free scholarship to the Defending the American Dream summit in August. In this training program we'll be discussing topics that will give you the tools you need to fight for the American Dream, including

* the history of grassroots activism  

* how to talk to friends, family, and neighbors about economic freedom  

* learning the Left's strategies  

* writing op-eds and letters to the editor  

* how to use social media effectively  

* and lots more!  


The course is 100% free and dinner is included at all of our trainings. In addition, participants who complete our training program will receive a free scholarship to the Defending the American Dream Summit later this summer, including bus transportation and accommodations. For more information, check out our promotional video here.  


The course is 6 info-packed classes held over 12 weeks: * Monday May 11, 7pm - Logan's Roadhouse, 12821 Fair Lakes Pkwy, Fairfax, VA 22033 * Friday, May 29, 7pm - TBD * Monday June 8, 7pm - TBD * Monday June 22, 7pm - TBD * Monday July 6, 7pm - TBD * Monday July 20, 7pm - TBD   

Whether you've been involved in the fight for the American Dream for years or are just getting started, I guarantee you'll learn something new at each class of the training. Are you ready to take your fight for freedom to the next level? Email me at or call me at 571-271-8076 to sign up or if you have any questions. Hope to see you May 11th!       

Cody Holt | Northern Virginia Field Director | Americans for Prosperity Foundation - VA m: 571-271-8076 | e:



Vitter Petition

 From Tea Party Patriots:


Congress continues to exempt themselves and staffers from Obamacare.  Tea Party Patriots is launching a petition drive to support Senator David Vitter's bill to force Congress to live under its own laws. Our polling about this issues suggests that individuals across the political spectrum want to end this practice hope you will consider informing your members about this project:



 Say No to Fast-Track Authority  


From Fair Lakes Tea Party - 

Contact Congress--Vote NO

Fast Track the Trans-Pacific Partnership


No more blank checks for Obama


UPDATE:  All but one of our Virginia Congressmen are still "undecided" on Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership!  Only Morgan Griffith has assured us he will vote against it. Both Senators Warner and Kaine have sent out letters in support of Fast Track for the TPP.  They all want to hear from their constituents on this issue. We need more calls to our Virginia Congressmen and Senators to vote NO!  The phone numbers are listed below




More from Cary Nunnally:

2,000 pages of legislation just to trade? Hmmm, anything else we should know about this agenda? Knowing that it includes a merger like the EU is enough for me, but we also would lose our American sovereignty through being submitted to an international court. Apparently, lawsuits against US have already been filed in anticipation of this legislation passing, and our Congress is so afraid of telling their constituents they voted for the agenda that they are willing to pass the "fast-track" legislation to allow the President to pass the various partnerships and what comes with them. That way they don't have to take the heat. Let that digest for a minute. That Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are publicly supporting this agenda is very frightening.

Anyone willing to make calls to senators and congressmen in other states contact Cary Nunnally at  Republicans are the first place to start and we have lists of their numbers and a script if you need it.
Make the calls and tell our Virginia Con­gressmen and Senators NO to Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership!



AND PLEASE sign the petition here : 


Call your Congressman - or all of them since this affects every American   


Find you House mem­ber here, and your Sen­a­tor here.


Randy Forbes   1- 202-225-6365  

Bob Goodlatte   1- 202-225-5431   

Morgan Griffith  1- 202-225-3861  

Don Beyer   1- 202-225-4376   

Robert Hurt   1- 202-225-4711  

Bobby Scott   1- (202) 225-8351  

Rob Wittman   1- 202-225-4261   

Barbara Comstock  1-202-225-5136  

Scott Rigel   1-202-225-4215  

David Brat  1- 202- 225-2815

Gerald Connolly 1- 202- 225-1492


And contact Senators Kaine and Warner who are both supporting Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership:



Senator Kaine   1- 202- 224- 4024  only takes calls during business hours.

Senator Warner 1- 202-224- 2023





New on ATP Web

These Kids Know Their Stuff! (Constitution Competition)

Watch high schoolers debate defendants' rights under the 5th and 6th Amendments to the  U.S. Constitution in this 11-minute video. They sound like college professors!  



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