Friday, May 29, 2015

It Starts Today


Robert, if RINOs like John McCain still run the Senate in 2016, it won’t matter if we have a President like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Scott Walker.

We could have a real conservative president for the first time since Ronald Reagan. So, what? You know exactly what John McCain and his cronies will do. They’ll stop real conservative reform. They’ll continue to fight for big government policies like Common Core, illegal NSA spying, and more spending.

Robert, they’ll fight to make the next Republican administration Obama-lite. That’s why we must FIRE McCain in 2016. That’s why we launched the FIRE McCain Fund. And it’s why I’m asking you to chip in $5 to FIRE McCain and replace him with a real conservative like Rep. Matt Salmon today!

McCain fights principled conservatives every chance he gets. He calls people like you and me “wacko birds,” and you can imagine what he’d do if one of “them” is our next president. He’d block real conservative legislation dead in its tracks.

McCain’s disdain for conservatives is why Republicans in Arizona don’t like him, and it’s why we can FIRE him in 2016. Matt Salmon is our best chance to replace John McCain with a real conservative. While McCain has a pitiful 50% conservative rating with FreedomWorks, Salmon has a 100% lifetime score! And that’s why we need to elect more Matt Salmons, and retire the John McCains. I’m hoping you’ll join me and help replace McCain today.

Robert, Salmon would fight tooth and nail to advance the liberty agenda of a President Paul, Cruz, Rubio, or Walker. But the only way he’ll run for Senate, the only way we’ll have a candidate who CAN beat John McCain, is if he knows FreedomWorks for America has the money to support him. And that’s why I need you to chip in $5 today!

Less than 40% of Republican primary voters want to nominate McCain for another term. We can replace him with a principled conservative. Robert, he thinks conservatives who opposed funding ObamaCare are “wacko birds.” He thinks Obama SHOULD read every email you send. He believes government bailouts ARE the answer. McCain will fight a President Paul, Cruz, Rubio, or Walker to preserve the government that wants to run your life. He. Has. To. Go.

McCain will vote to stop a conservative agenda. He will vote for bigger government, more NSA spying, and he’ll lead the fight to stop a real conservative president. And, Robert, that’s why I’m begging you to help FIRE McCain right now.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Will you stand with President Reagan and help ensure the next generation truly knows that freedom works?

Adam Brandon

P.S. - This fight is going to be long and hard. Can you please help us by donating just $5 today?




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