Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Taylor Swift Reveals Why She Posted a Bikini Picture Online

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Firewire from THE BLAZE February 25, 2015
Watch Mark Cuban's Surgical Takedown of Net Neutrality — And Why He Says Everyone Should 'Hack Themselves'
Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has stood firmly against net neutrality, and presented a surgical takedown of the proposal on The Glenn Beck Program Tuesday. "What it comes down to is, the net has worked," Cuban said. "We're not in an industry where the technology has become... READ MORE.
Airline Grounds 128 Planes, Cancels Flights Due to Inspection Issue
DALLAS (TheBlaze/AP) — Southwest Airlines grounded one-fifth of its fleet Tuesday after it discovered inspections were missed. As of Wednesday morning federal officials gave them the green light to keep flying these planes provided they are checked within the week. In a statement, Southwest revealed that it was overdue... READ MORE.

Last month, former Miami Dolphins player Rob Konrad talked about his harrowing 16-hour swim to safety after he fell off a boat in the Atlantic Ocean. Now, police video of Konrad shortly after he reached land helps confirm his story. The 38-year-old fell off his fishing boat, which he... READ MORE.

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Story by the Associated Press; curated by Oliver Darcy. — CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel failed to capture a majority of the vote in Tuesday's municipal election, an embarrassment for the former White House chief of staff because it forces him into a runoff this... READ MORE.

Pop sensation Taylor Swift surprised many fans last month when she posted a bikini photo while vacationing in Hawaii. Swift explained that she and members of the band HAIM were whale watching in Hawaii when they noticed another boat trailing them. The boat was full of members... READ MORE.

There's much about social media that degrades conversation and exacerbates polarization. But, like every technology, it also empowers us and offers opportunities to speak across boundaries and borders. Tim Byrd, a veteran of the war in Iraq who fought in Mosul, is a juvenile corrections officer in Washington state,... READ MORE.
Why the Pope's Visit to Congress Should Terrify Conservatives
Last year, House Speaker John Boehner joined forces with Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to invite Pope Francis to address Congress at next September's joint meeting. In their announcements, Boehner and Pelosi praised the Holy Father's message of "compassion" and "mercy" for the "needy" and the "disadvantaged." That message... READ MORE.
Paris Police on Alert After Two Nights of Unauthorized Drone Activity Near Landmarks
It is illegal to fly drones over French urban areas without expressed permission, which is why recent drone sightings near  Paris landmarks has the city on alert. According to Agence France‑Presse, unauthorized drones have flown over Paris for two nights in a row. The Associated Press reported that the... READ MORE.

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Former President George W. Bush said late last week that he is often asked what he misses about being president. "People say, 'Do you miss much?'" Bush recounted at a military conference last Wednesday. First, the 43rd president used the question to crack a couple... READ MORE.

This Man's Autism Inspired His Dad and Brother to Start an Awesome Business
When someone on the autism spectrum reaches the age of 22, they face the danger of finding themselves unemployed and without the structure of a school system to help guide them through their days. One family is so determined to keep that from happening to their brother and son, they started a business for him. Learn how a seeming disability has many surprising positives... READ MORE.
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