Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some easy ways you can help right now:

Organizing for Action
Pete --

There are only four days left to sign up for health coverage in 2015.

We're turning to Team Obamacare to help get us across the finish line, and we're making it easy to do your part.

Here are four easy things you can do right now to spread the word about why it's so important to get covered before Sunday's deadline:
1.) Spread the word about how affordable health coverage could be. (Seriously, eight in 10 consumers can find coverage in the marketplace for under $100 a month with financial assistance.)

Pass along this calculator our friends at Get Covered America put together:

2.) Remind everyone in your networks about the February 15th deadline by sharing this graphic:

Be covered for 2015

3.) Help folks find assistance in completing an application by passing along this Get Covered America assistance locator:

4.) Share this link to get started on the health care marketplace everywhere:

Millions of Americans still need to get covered, and we bet you know at least a few of them.

We want to reach as many people as we can before the deadline this Sunday.

Thanks for being part of it,

Organizing for Action

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