Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Robert E. Lehman
Robert E. Lehman has an updated profile (Publications).
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Dr. Michael B. Hoyes
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T Stall
T Stall shared an article
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MUST READ From Russ Moulton re CON CON!
Reader Submitted. Please contact your state senator and delegate now and tell them to vote NO on an Article V Constitutional Convention. Why the Con-Con is a bad idea: Today the General Assembly votes on legislation for Virginia to call for an...
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Robert E. Lehman
Robert E. Lehman Leading healthcare in 2015 requires more of an ability to successfully navigate through and manage overly complex red tape rules and bureaucracy. At its very core though, healthcare is primarily the human exchange between two people: A care-giving provider and a patient. Effective person to person healthcare used to seem to be the primary purpose. Lately, the actual people at the center of the exchange of the healthcare services seem to have been relegated to being an afterthought in the minds of many would be healthcare leaders. I'd prefer they be person focused vs. regulatory focused.
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Todd Mathes
Program Analyst at USAF
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