Monday, February 16, 2015

Cruz: Republican Leaders Are Completely Divorced From The American People

Happy Washington’s Birthday!

My friend, Matt Spalding, formerly at The Heritage Foundation, now with Hillsdale College, always bristles at our cultural erasing of the importance of honoring George Washington on his February 22 birthday. To Matt and many of us, all presidents are not equal to justify the shift to the bland “President’s Day” nomenclature.

In honor of leaders like Washington, we interviewed Texas Senator Ted Cruz who, as Democrat strategist James Carville once said, is “fearless.” In this interview, he boldly speaks about President Obama, as well as cynical efforts by Senate Republican leaders to deceive voters, while not effectively fighting Obama’s transformation of this nation.

In this interview, Senator Cruz speaks of:

  • His reaction to President Obama’s Prayer Breakfast offensive remarks to Christians,
  • How Pat Caddell is right to condemn weak but selfish forces within the Republican Party,
  • How his public fight against Obamacare really helped, not hurt, Republicans last fall,
  • How Senate leaders encouraged Republicans to say one thing and do another in the debt limit fight with Obama,  
  • And why he remains optimistic based on citizens outside the beltway!

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas:
Sen. Ted Cruz


Last Week: If you haven’t made time to watch our interview with Democrat pollster and commentator Pat Caddell, please consider watching now here.

Next Week: Major Stephen Coughlin, author of a soon to be released book, "Catastrophic Failure," who has briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff as an astute counter terrorism analyst and wonders if we are realigning our national security apparatus with a hostile intent.

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P.S. Next week President Obama is hosting a "summit to counter violent extremism" with the UN Secretary, when his duty is to support and defend our national interests against all enemies foreign and domestic. It made me remember a fascinating column by my friend, Angelo Codevilla, titled "The War on Us."

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