Saturday, November 1, 2014

If we don't get a Typhoid Mary Ebola victims by January 2015 550,000 to 1,400,000

First reported case of this Ebola Outbreak March 23, 2014

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Have you ever heard of Typhoid Mary?
Her real name was Mary Mallon, she was the first person in the U.S. to not show symptoms of typhoid but was a carrier, between 1900 and 1922 she infected 47 people.  
Tony LaBella was the worst carrier he infected 122 people with typhoid.
Ebola was first identified in 1976, this 2014 outbreak is the most infectious and has the highest death rate of any previous outbreak.
Did you know that Ebola can be carried by rodents and dogs? Did you know there are more rats in NYC than people? Did you know the bubonic plague was spread by rats?
Most deaths from Ebola and Enterovirus D-68 will come after this election.
We will learn of ACA/Obamacare policy increases on 11/15 instead of 10/31 to come after the election.
There is a contract to have forms available for 34,000,000 green cards after this election.
Obama expedites visas to Liberians, refuses to implement a travel ban, and fights Governors implementing quarantines.
What's the worst that can happen?

Here is how CDC and WHO come up with an estimate of between 550,000 and1,400,000 Ebola deaths by January 2015.
Assume 3 week incubation period. Victim (1) 3/23/14 #1 infects 3 people. (4)
4/13 3 new victims infect 3 (13)
5/4 9 new victims infect 3 (40)
5/25 27 new victims infect 3 (121)
6/15 81 new victims infect 3 (364)
Hazmat gear, cremation and quarantine in place reduce transmission to 2 per infected
7/6 243 new victims infect 2 (850)
7/27 486 new victims infect 2 (1,822)
8/17 972 new victims infect 2 (3,766)
9/7 1,944 new victims infect 2 (7,654)
9/28 3,888 new victims infect 2 (15,430)
10/19 7,776 new victims infect 2 (30,982)
11/9 15,552 new victims infect 2 (62,086)
11/30 31,104 new victims infect 2 (124,294)
12/21 62,208 new victims infect 2 (248,710)
1/11/15 124,416 new victims infect 2 (497,542)
2/1/15 248,832 new victims infect 2 (995,206) 

If you are starting to get worried that your government isn't protecting you, play some golf. I hear it's quite relaxing, I wouldn't know my job is too important to take much time off. 

Lets encourage everyone we know to vote Republican, our lives may depend on it.

If you like this please share it before 7pm on Tuesday 11/4/14, election day!

I'd love to know your ideas on how to motivate the apathetic voter and how to improve America. Please send me an email with your thoughts.

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