Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Getting Our (Lame) Ducks in a Row: What to Expect After Thanksgiving
- by Josh Withrow

Lame Duck sessions are the crazy drunken uncles of the Congressional schedule - we didn't invite them, nothing good ever happens when they're here, but every couple of years during the holidays they show up anyways and make a nuisance of themselves. Ousted and retiring lawmakers get to vote on laws that their successors will have to live with, and recently reelected Members feel invincible and unaccountable to anyone. Good times. Read more here...

Happy Thanksgiving from FreedomWorks

Thanksgiving Staff photo.png Members Speak Out on Ferguson Missouri Grand Jury Decision
- by Deneen Borelli

Members of FreedomWorks’ program and community leaders released the following comments in response to the Ferguson, Missouri grand jury ruling: Read more here...

ObamaCare Penalties on the Rise
- by Logan Albright

The least popular feature of ObamaCare is about to become a whole lot less fun. As we head into 2015, the individual mandate dictating that all individuals purchase health insurance or else is ramping up with increased penalties. Read more here...

Premiums for the Most Popular ObamaCare Health Plan Increases 10 Percent 
- by Jason Pye

The premiums for lowest cost silver plans available on the federal ObamaCare exchange have jumped by 10 percent, according to an analysis conducted by Avalere Health, a consulting firm that generally advocates for the law. Read more here...

Crapitalism with Jason Mattera Part 3: On DC Media

In the final installment with FreedomWorks, "Crapitalism" author Jason Mattera gives his thoughts on what's wrong with mainstream media today, and provides insight into his recent run-ins with Harry Reid and Lois Lerner. Watch here...


What Will We Find in "Lost" Lois Lerner Emails
- by Tom Borelli

The Internal Revenue Service inspector general has recovered up to 30,000 of Lois Lerner’s emails that were thought to be lost because of a computer crash.

The emails were recovered from back up recovery tapes from the IRS email system. Previously, it was thought the emails were lost forever. Read more here...

Export-Import Bank Caught Doctoring Data to Benefit Big Business Cronies
- by Jason Pye

When the Export-Import Bank as well as its friends on Capitol Hill and elsewhere talk about how the billions it doles out in taxpayer-backed loans benefits small businesses, they really mean it helps big business. Earlier this month, Reuters reported that Ex-Im, a relic of the New Deal, had "mischaracterized" subsidiaries of 200 large corporations as small businesses: Read more here...

FCC Plans Phone Tax Hike
- by Logan Albright

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is requesting an increase of $1.5 billion for its E-Rate program, citing the need for improved internet connectivity in public schools. This would represent a 62 percent increase in current spending. Read more here...


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