Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lee: Congress must remind Obama he's 'not a king'

Lee: Congress must remind Obama he's 'not a king'

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, on Monday called on Democrats in the Senate to stand up to President Barack Obama's intent to take executive action on immigration and "remind the president he is not a king."

Sharpton works to spread Ferguson unrest across the country

Activists from across the country are gearing up for the highly anticipated announcement of a grand jury's decision over whether a white police officer should face criminal charges in the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri, the Rev. Al Sharpton said Wednesday.

GOP governors respond to Obama's illegal alien executive order

The nation's Republican governors on Wednesday lashed out at President Barack Obama's plans to unilaterally protect millions of immigrants from deportation, but clashed over whether their congressional colleagues should threaten a government shutdown in response.

Outrage over Gov't Plan to Confiscate Savings & Retirement

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IMF Lays Groundwork for GLobal Wealth Confiscation

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Obama plays with constitutional fire
Earlier this week, President Obama made it clear that he will soon offer some form of limited amnesty to about five million foreign nationals who are currently living illegally in the United States.

Jonathan Gruber: Obamacare Architect, Unplugged
Economist Milton Freeman said the promotion of bad policy requires two types of advocates. "Do-gooders" act in good faith but out of ignorance. The second type are the "special interest" rent-seekers, who stand to personally profit from the scheme.

Professor: Union dues wrongly used for politics
A college professor is challenging the use of her union dues to promote the gubernatorial campaign of Democratic Gov.-elect Tom Wolf, adding fuel to a simmering legislative debate over dues deductions from public employees' paychecks.

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Berkeley gas pumps to soon feature global warming warning stickers

Erdogan: Muslims discovered America, not Columbus

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