Saturday, November 15, 2014

TV Anchor Finally Reveals What Happened When She Questioned Obamacare on the Air at CNBC: ‘Don’t Let Them Do It’

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Firewire from THE BLAZE November 15, 2014
Sebelius Confronted With Question About Gruber Comments — You Can Probably Guess How She Responded
Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius briefly addressed controversial comments made by an an architect of the Affordable Care Act. Speaking at the American Academy of Actuaries, Sebelius declined to answer a question regarding remarks Jonathan Gruber made about deceiving the "stupid" American public into passing... READ MORE.
'There's Gonna Be a Problem': Newspaper Publishes Police Surveillance Video, Radio Calls From Michael Brown Shooting
New records obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch provides the most detailed timeline yet of the fatal police officer-involved shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. New video footage also includes the most up-t0-date images of Wilson currently available. At 11:53 a.m. on Aug. 9,... READ MORE.

The first Muslim prayer service ever held at Washington National Cathedral was briefly interrupted by a heckler who was apparently displeased that Muslims were worshiping in the iconic Christian church. "America was founded on Christian principles. . .  Leave our church alone!" the woman reportedly shouted. The heckler... READ MORE.

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"Could the [best] weapon to end violence really be banned?" -Glenn Beck

"Watch my personally narrated video (shot inside my home) & discover the ONE critical thing most Americans ignore in protecting their family. With seconds to act, it gives you an advantage over a vicious predator -- regardless of whether you own a gun! Please watch now."

Glenn Beck aired a series of deeply personal shows this week, beginning with the admission that he has been struggling with severe health issues for nearly five years, and continuing with a series of announcements of what he has planned for the future now that he has received a... READ MORE.

Fox Business Network anchor Melissa Francis revealed on Friday that she was "silenced" by CNBC, her former employer, when she questioned the "math of Obamacare" on the air. After slamming Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber's comments about the "stupidity" of Americans, Francis told the story of what happened when... READ MORE.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) appeared on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher" Friday night in a surprisingly amicable session that covered voting, climate change regulation, the drug war and the Islamic State group. "He's the one Republican who is willing to go to the one place where Republicans... READ MORE.
Former MLB Player's Surgically Reattached Finger Falls Off at Inopportune Moment
Just last month, former MLB player Jose Canseco shot off his finger while cleaning his gun and had it surgically reattached. Then, this week, the middle finger of the Cuban-born outfielder, who last played for the White Sox, fell off ... while he was playing poker. ... READ MORE.
Obamacare Architect Flat-Out Admits Administration 'Mislabeled' Key Part of Health Care Law in Sixth Video
The Obama administration wanted to get rid of the "regressive, inefficient and expensive tax subsidy provided for employer provider health insurance" under Obamacare, but it turned out to be a politically expensive move, Jonathan Gruber said at a 2011 Pioneer Institute lecture on health care. Instead,... READ MORE.

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One of the Americans recently freed after being detained in North Korea said he visited the communist country with the intention of being arrested and seeing life beyond the tourist trail. Speaking with NK News, Matthew Miller, 25, revealed that he actually sabotaged his own tourist visa on... READ MORE.

3-Yr-Old Girl Spots A Man Who Looks Like Santa Eating All Alone -- What She Did Next Went Viral
Gracie Lynn has gotten to an age where she knows exactly who a man with glasses, a white beard and round tummy represents. So, being the good little girl that she is, when she saw a man she believed to be Santa Claus eating breakfast alone at an Indiana restaurant, she plopped right down across from him. READ MORE.
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