Friday, September 19, 2014

We'll Be Outspent


Robert, over $111 million.

That’s how much the Democrats have raised to hold the Senate. Obama and Harry Reid are scared.

We have a REAL chance to take the Senate this year. We have a REAL chance to Fire Harry Reid as Majority Leader. And we have a REAL chance to put the brakes on the Obama Agenda. In states like Montana, Colorado, Alaska, Louisiana, Iowa, and Arkansas, we can send ObamaCare-loving Democrats packing. Activists are working hard, knocking on doors, talking to their neighbors, and distributing materials. But if they’re going to keep it up they need your support.

Please, donate $5 right now to Take the Senate and Fire Harry Reid.


Robert, we don’t need to match the Democrats dollar-for-dollar. Grassroots conservatives are fired up. They’re fighting hard to take the Senate– and make 2014 another 2010. And Robert, the polls are on our side. The Democrats are losing in key battleground states. Together, we can give Harry Reid the pink slip he deserves.

Taking the Senate means we can stop Obama’s liberal judges from being appointed – and legislating from the bench. We can stop corrupt handouts to Obama's cronies. We can finally hold the IRS accountable. And we can stop Eric Holder’s terrifying enforcement of “justice.”

We could even put Louis Lerner behind bars. But it will only happen with your support.

Will you help Take the Senate by donating $5 right now?

Democrats have ruled the Senate for almost a decade. In that time, they exploded the national debt, ripped the Constitution to shreds, and appointed liberal judges who legislate from the bench. They’re fundamentally changing our country for the worse.

We can take it back. We can fix the damage they’ve done. We can end the Democrat reign of terror – but only if we take the Senate this year.

Contribute $5 now and help Take America Back.

Let’s make 2014 look like 2010, and stop the Obama Agenda once and for all.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe

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