Friday, September 26, 2014

IRS Out of Your Health Care


Robert, we need to get the IRS out of our health care.

Under ObamaCare the tax bullies will force you to buy government-approved health insurance. That’s not right. Americans should have a choice when it comes to personal health decisions.

Obama wants to put the IRS between you and your doctor. We can’t let him win.

Tell your senators to take the IRS out of ObamaCare.

The IRS is a corrupt agency that can’t be trusted. Bureaucrats like Lois Lerner illegally targeted conservative activists last year.

Can we really trust the IRS to enforce ObamaCare fairly? The answer is a big fat NO!

The IRS needs to get out of our health care NOW.

Send a message to your senators. Tell them you don’t want the IRS enforcing ObamaCare!

In Liberty,

Noah Wall
Director of Grassroots, FreedomWorks


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