Monday, September 29, 2014

Robert, You Haven't Acted



You and I must stop the ObamaCare Bailout now – it will cost taxpayers like you $1 billion!

The Democrats knew ObamaCare wouldn’t work.

That’s why they wrote a bailout into it. The "risk-corridors" they’ve talked about are just a way to force taxpayers like you to bail out those who lobbied for ObamaCare!

We CANNOT let that happen.

Send the message: Taxpayers shouldn't bear the cost of Washington's failures. Stop the ObamaCare Bailout.

We can't let the Democrats use YOUR money for their ObamaCare Bailout.

ObamaCare is bad enough. Being forced to bail out unprofitable insurance companies, who lobbied for ObamaCare, is the last straw. And we know Democrats will use the bailout as another phony ObamaCare "success story.”

We can’t let that happen.

Tell your senators to stop the ObamaCare Bailout!

In Liberty,

Noah Wall
Director of Grassroots, FreedomWorks


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