Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MEMO: Poll Avalanche


An avalanche of polls have been released in the last 48 hours. I wanted to share the results, because the national environment developing is truly astonishing.

The polls are really bad news -- for Gerry Connolly.

Check out the memo below that I prepared for Suzanne and the team, and consider chipping in $5 tonight to capture the momentum.


RE: Washington Post, CNN, Gallup and Rasmussen Polls

FROM: Peter Foster (Campaign Manager)

TO: Suzanne Scholte, Campaign Staff

SUMMARY: Four new polls have been released over the past 48 hours. An incredible environment is developing nationally. As I noted in the previous memo, it looks like a Republican wave is building. We have a tremendous opportunity to capitalize.


  • On the Generic Congressional Ballot, Republicans lead across the board. Republicans lead in the ABC News/Washington Post poll by 3 points and lead in the Rasmussen poll by 2 points. It's worth noting that even a slight GOP advantage tends to mean a massive Republican gain.
  • President Obama is deeply unpopular. He is underwater in the Rasmussen Poll (-7), Gallup Poll (-11), CNN Poll (-12) and the Washington Post survey (-12). Our opponent is allied with the President and has supported his most unpopular policies.
  • According to the ABC News/Washington Post survey, a vast majority (66%) of the country believes we're on the "wrong track".
  • Obamacare is underwater in the Washington Post Poll (-10) and in the Rasmussen Poll (-15). Connolly backed the legislation to the hilt.
  • Finally, and this is key, Congress remains incredibly unpopular. A whopping 82% disapprove of Congress in the Gallup Poll, and an identical 82% disapprove in the Washington Post Poll.
CONCLUSION: To put this in perspective, the President and Gerry Connolly's policies have turned the country against them. This is quickly becoming a more friendly environment than 2010, where Connolly barely survived his re-election fight. While the district remains challenging, it's incredibly clear that we have a golden opportunity to win in November.

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