Monday, September 22, 2014

Six Weeks Out



We’re six weeks away from our last chance to end Obama’s radical Agenda. Here at FreedomWorks for America, we’re working around the clock to elect real conservatives to Congress. 

Our vision is simple: elect liberty-loving candidates that will push the Republican Party back to its Reagan and Goldwater roots. And I want to make sure you KNOW about some of our best candidates.

These are men and women fighting every day to stop Obama and put this country back on track. We wouldn’t have endorsed them if we didn’t believe they will fight for our rights and liberties in Congress. 

Below are some of the best candidates we have for the U.S. House of Representatives, and they need our help. Check out their profiles and chip in to put them over the top if you can.

Clint Didier - Washington 4

Clint is one of the candidates we are most excited about. A former NFL tight end and Super Bowl champion, Clint knows how to win. After the election of Barack Obama in 2008, Didier became concerned about the unchecked expansion of government power, and turned his talents and focus towards politics.

Didier is an active participant at tea party rallies and a longtime member of the Washington State Farm Bureau. He has pledged to oppose all tax increases and wants to dismantle the Department of Education and the Department of Energy.

Since Washington State has a jungle primary - where the top two finishers in the primary advance to the general regardless of party - Clint is facing establishment Republican Dan Newhouse in the general election. Clint is a real champion for Liberty and his Republican opponent served in a liberal Democratic Administration. This is going to be a tough race that will come down to the wire, and FreedomWorks for America plans to be there until the finish line. Support Clint's candidacy here.


Marilinda Garcia - New Hampshire 2

Marilinda Garcia has a proven record of fighting for small government principles in the New Hampshire State House. As a state representative, Garcia sponsored legislation that helped entrepreneurs, fought cumbersome regulations, and greatly increased government transparency.

Marilinda is running against incumbent liberal congresswoman Ann Kuster in a seat that leans slightly Democrat. The race is going to be tight, but Marilinda has a great shot of unseating Kuster and bringing her conservative passion to Washington. Support Marilinda’s race here.


Rod Blum - Iowa 1

We’re excited about Rod here because he’s as conservative as they come. He’s a businessman, not a career politician. He’s pledged to stand strong against ObamaCare, warrantless spying, and needless regulations. Rod is a champion for liberty.

Rod Blum is facing off against a well-funded, former speaker of the Iowa House Pat Murphy. This is a district that leans slightly Democrat, but Rod has a real shot depending if Iowa swings Republican. Help send Rod to Congress here.


Dan Bongino - Maryland 6

Dan Bongino is in a tough race to unseat Democrat incumbent John Delaney in a district that leans slightly Democrat. Dan’s a former police officer and secret service agent who protected both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

Dan’s a firm believer in the Constitution and a strong voice for liberty. If we can help pull off the upset against incumbent John Delaney, Dan would be one of the most outspoken advocates for freedom and limited government in the House. And I can tell you this, when he speaks, it’s electrifying. Our movement couldn’t have a better voice in Maryland.

This is a tough race that will come down to the wire. But if this is as big of a Republican wave year as we all hope, then this is a race we can win. Help put Dan over the top here.


Dave Brat - Virginia 7

Dave Brat pulled off one of the biggest upsets in congressional history when he unseated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the June 10th Virginia Primary. Dave is an economics professor at Randolph Macon College in Ashland, VA. He knows what’s wrong with our government and he knows how to fix it. That’s why Virginians picked him over Eric Cantor.

Dave is running a grassroots campaign focused on reining in the national debt, stopping Common Core, and bringing common sense to Washington. Dave’s running against Democrat Jack Trammell in a strong Republican district. Help Dave out here.


Mark Walker - North Carolina 6

Walker is a pastor, financial manager, and a conservative community organizer. He’s running on a platform based on entitlement reform, decreased regulations, and tax reform. Walker is campaigning on ending the IRS, massively cutting income taxes, and opposing all implementations of Common Core.

He’s running in a strong Republican district against liberal lawyer Laura Fjeld. The odds are in Walker’s favor to be the next representative from North Carolina’s 6th District. You can help get Walker over the top here.


Alex Mooney - West Virginia 2

Alex Mooney is running for Congress as a strong conservative in West Virginia. Alex’s mother escaped Fidel Castro’s Cuba and taught Alex the importance of freedom and limited government - a lesson he hasn’t forgotten.

As a State Senator, Alex fought for lower taxes and against oppressive regulations. Now residing in West Virginia, Alex is committed to stopping Obama’s agenda in Congress. In a strong Republican district, Alex has a good shot at winning this November against Democrat Nick Casey. Support his candidacy here.


Bruce Poliquin - Maine 2

Bruce Poliquin is a successful businessman with more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He understands the economic problems facing America. When he served as State Treasurer of Maine from 2011 to 2013, he saved the state over 1.7 billion dollars.

Bruce is facing a tough challenge from Democrat State Senator Emily Cain in a district that leans slightly Democrat. Bruce is holding his own and the race is a toss-up at the moment that could go either way in November. Help send Bruce to Washington here.


Thanks for reading about these great liberty candidates. With your help we can put them over the top and greatly increase the number of real conservatives in Congress.

Keep up the fight and let’s win this November!

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe

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