Thursday, May 8, 2014

'White guys suck'

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May 08, 2014
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'White Guys: We Suck and We're Sorry': Glenn reacts to bizarre new video that apologizes for years of white privilege
"White Guys: We Suck And We're Sorry." That is the title of a new 2-minute video written and produced by Stephen Parkhurst, who gained some notoriety for a similarly themed video he created last year entitled "Millennials: We Suck And We're Sorry." Glenn came across the video last night, and he immediately got to writing a monologue in response. Is being born a certain way now a crime? On radio this morning, Glenn questioned what exactly he is supposed to apologize for. Watch the video and Glenn's response HERE.

It's time to expose the truth about Common Core and public education
It's not a coincidence that the more the federal government has inserted itself into public education over the years, the worse our kids have fared. In his new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education, Glenn presents a well-reasoned, fact-based analysis that proves it's not more money our schools need — it's a complete refocusing of priorities and a total restructuring of the relationship with the federal government. Get your copy of CONFORM HERE.

'I'm really not looking for a fight': Father arrested for protesting controversial reading material speaks out
On Wednesday's radio program, Glenn reacted to the report that a New Hampshire father was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct on Monday after he expressed concern at a school board meeting about a book his ninth grade daughter was assigned to read. William Baer took issue with a scene in Jodi Picoult's novel Nineteen Minutes that details a graphic sexual encounter. Baer recounted the incident to TheBlaze in an interview on Wednesday. See what he had to say HERE.

HGTV cancels show after hosts' views on traditional marriage and abortion are revealed
HGTV has canned a do-it-yourself program it planned to premiere this fall after media outlets began reporting on the hosts' Christian views on issues like gay marriage and abortion. Twin brothers Jason and David Benham were scheduled to host Flip It Forward, a new renovation show that would help families make home improvements. On Thursday, HGTV decided to cut ties with the brothers. On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the network's decision. WATCH

Sponsored: "Is this the best weapon to end violence?"
I've been telling you the world is changing, that you need to be prepared. Now watch as I narrate this personal video, shot inside my home, explaining why I want one of these in every home in America. It's something I've not done before. Please watch now. –Glenn Beck

How did this guy change the way Glenn prays?
For weeks, Glenn has wanted to have Pastor Mark Batterson, author of The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears, on his show. As Glenn has discussed on-air, Batterson's book has really impacted the way he approaches prayer. Glenn and members of TheBlaze staff have implemented Batterson's "circling" theory into their daily routines in an effort to work towards accomplishing God's will. Watch the interview HERE.

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Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash targeted by GOP in re-election bid?
Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) is one of the more libertarian members of the House of Representatives, and he is facing a Republican challenger in the state's August primary. Amash will square off against Brian Ellis, who is allegedly enjoying the financial backing of "prominent Michigan donors." On radio this morning, Glenn questioned what seems to be a double standard when it comes to challenging Republican incumbents in both the House and Senate. WATCH

The moment a father was able to baptize his daughter into Christ PHOTO

Glenn talks to Pastor Mark Batterson about a new 40 day and 40 night challenge
If you are a regular listener, you may have heard Glenn credit Pastor Mark Batterson, author of The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears, with changing his life. After speaking with Glenn on last night's Glenn Beck Program, Batterson called into this morning's radio program to speak further. Glenn encouraged his listeners to consider reading the book and joining him in a 40 Day and 40 Night Challenge. MORE

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Glenn: Let's find the tools and the ways to empower people
In Wednesday's morning meeting, Glenn reflected on his conversation earlier this week with author Simon Sinek. Sinek spent the 45-minute interview discussing moral principles without using Biblical language, thus making his important message more appealing to a wider group of people. Likewise, Glenn has talked a lot about tapping into the culture as a way to spread moral values and Constitutional principles without beating people over the head with it. What is the best way to empower people? MORE

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  • 6pm ET - Real News: The House has moved one step closer to potentially getting former IRS official Lois Lerner to talk after holding her in contempt. Andrew explains what comes next.
  • 7pm ET - Wilkow!: The Obama Administration has succeeded in getting the media to stop talking about Obamacare, but could a couple of lawsuits ultimately lead to the law's undoing? The panel discusses.
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