Friday, May 16, 2014

Election Update

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Thanks to your support, we just had a huge win in Nebraska. Ben Sasse will be the next freedom fighter in the Senate. He’ll join Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul. Robert, this was a huge grassroots-powered victory.

But, the fight to take back the Senate with real conservatives is just beginning. There are so many more primaries to come, and I want to update you on where our endorsed candidates stand!

Let’s look at the big races coming up this Tuesday, May 20th.

Georgia's Eleventh District

Recent polling shows FreedomWorks for America-endorsed candidate Barry Loudermilk with a slight 25% to 23% lead over his opponent Bob Barr, a few other candidates are polling under 20%. Robert, if no one gets over 50% in Georgia, the top two candidates go to a runoff! Barry Loudermilk stood for conservative values in the State Senate, and we need him to stand for us in Washington. Help Barry Loudermilk make it to a runoff today!

Idaho's Second District

A few weeks ago we told you about all the outside money pouring into this race, and it hasn’t let up! Incumbent Mike Simpson is getting tons of help from DC insiders, but FreedomWorks for America activists aren’t giving up. They’ve placed over 4,500 signs and passed out over 20,000 pieces of literature in support of the real conservative in the race; Bryan Smith. We’ve also made 50,000 calls into the district and have a lot more planned for this final weekend!

We haven’t seen many polls lately, but word on the ground says this race is wide open. After voting to bail out Wall Street and raising your taxes, Mike Simpson needs to go.  You can help us Retire Mike Simpson today!


Kentucky Senate

Things are heating up in Kentucky. FreedomWorks for America activists have placed over 40,000 signs across the state and distributed over 150,000 pieces of literature! We’ve also made upwards of 500,000 calls to likely GOP voters. But McConnell’s cronies are still pouring millions into Kentucky to protect Mitch. They don't want to see Matt Bevin in Washington. FreedomWorks for America isn’t letting up though. With a few days to go, and an incredibly aggressive grassroots Get-Out-The-Vote campaign ready to go, anything can happen!

Win or lose though, FreedomWorks for America activists are sending a clear message: Grassroots Conservatives will stand against Establishment politicians no matter what!  Robert, I couldn’t be more proud of all the amazing activists in Kentucky. Please lend them a hand here!


This Tuesday will be a huge day, but there is no time to rest after that. On June 3rd voters go to the polls in California, Mississippi, Alabama, and Iowa!

California's Seventh District

California is a Jungle Primary system, and FreedomWorks for America-endorsed candidate Igor Birman is within striking distance! In a Jungle Primary, the top two candidates make it to the General Election, regardless of party.

Igor is one of those rare Freedom Fighters that will NEVER back down to the DC Establishment, and if we can get him through the Jungle Primary I believe he can win in November. We’re making calls and running an aggressive online campaign for him, and you can help us elect Igor here!

Alabama's Sixth District

FreedomWorks for America-endorsed candidate Dr. Chad Mathis is running to replace retired Rep. Spencer Baucus in Alabama. As a Surgeon, Dr. Mathis understands the horrors of ObamaCare first hand, and he will fight to repeal and dismantle it!

Recent polling puts Mathis within striking distance of tax-and-spend Republican, State Rep. Paul DeMarco. We are in the midst of an aggressive online campaign to get the word out for Mathis. You can support our efforts here!

Iowa's Third District

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz returned over $200,000 back to Iowans just by running his department more efficiently. He fought corruption and stood up to special interests, and that is why FreedomWorks for America endorsed him to represent Iowa’s 3rd District.

Robert, with six candidates in the field, and very little polling, the race is wide open. Matt must hit 35% to avoid a runoff. And in Iowa, a runoff requires a special district convention where anyone can run, even those that weren’t in the primary! That’s why it’s so important we get Schultz over the 35% mark!  I know Matt Schultz will be a great Congressman, and I believe we can put him over the top. Support Matt Schultz here.

Mississippi Senate

Last but not least is the race to knock out 40-year-incumbent Senator Thad Cochran! The latest polling shows Chris McDaniel within striking distance and just this week a Gallup Poll came out showing that over 70% of Americans want to fire Incumbent Senators! I believe we can Fire Thad Cochran on June 3rd.

Activists on the ground have placed over 40,000 signs for McDaniel and we’ve made over a MILLION calls! I’m incredibly proud of our activists and all their hard work. If we can keep the pressure going on the ground, and keep our aggressive online ad campaign running, I believe we can make a real difference. Lend us a hand and help us replace 40-year-incumbent Thad Cochran with a Constitutional Conservative!


Robert, I hope you found this campaign update informative, and I hope we have some amazing victories to celebrate in the weeks and months to come. Keep up the fight, and thanks for all you do to support grassroots activists across our great country.

In Liberty

Whitney Neal


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