Friday, November 30, 2012

What Is a Good Health Care System?

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No matter what the pundits might say, nothing happens in health care unless the patient does something to initiate it. Each of us has to be the first line of defense for our own health care. Who better to decide whether a doctor visit is worth the effort, time and cost than the individual?

A good health care system will be one that gives individuals the freedom to make their own choices. A good health care system is not one that forces everyone to have health insurance. Even ObamaCare does not force everyone to have health insurance, because the penalty for being uninsured is small relative to the cost of insurance and the IRS has signaled that it doesn't plan on using a lot of resources to enforce the mandate anyway.

So, what would make up a good health care system? The NCPA has listed 5 of the elements that would make up a good health care system here.

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Richard Walker
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