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[Peninsula-Patriots] Fwd: State nulification of ObamaCare

In case you didn't receive this email directly, I'm forwarding this important message from one of our PenPats - Sue Long......  It is important to consider our options and the powers given to us through the Constitution.  Our knowledge is power.  Please read.

Sent: Mon, Nov 12, 2012 3:24 pm
Subject: State nulification of ObamaCare

Dear Fellow Patriot,
Some people seem to think that to vote every few years is all they need to do to advance the cause of the Constitution and liberty. Not so. The price of liberty is constant vigilance. And, even as important as the last election was, America, as the Founders envisioned, has been broken for quite some time. The downfall of America hasn't happened overnight.
Pick any clause of the Constitution, and note how it has been violated. Read through the Bill of Rights and see how few of those essential liberties are truly in place today. Consider any federal
law or government action or executive order and try to find where the Constitution specifically authorizes it.
Such as - business and environmental regulations. Corporate bailouts. The education of our children. Putting our military in harm's way without a declaration of war. It's never-ending. And, all the while, our currency is continually being debased in the hope that our economic house of cards won't collapse.
Consider ObamaCare. Search as you might, there is no place in our Constitution that says that the federal government can dictate our health care - or require us to buy health insurance. But there is a cure. State annulment as authorized by the tenth amendment. State Annulment isn't new. It's as old as the Constitution. But its time has come to be widely enforced.
In spite of the intensive TV coverage on election night, did you hear one word about the ten states, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts and Alabama, where voters had a chance to push back against federal overreach and approve ballot initiatives, which would nullify unconstitutional federal acts. and where six of those passed
In Colorado, Washington, and Massachusetts they related to the use of Marijuana. Regardless of your stand on that issue, it is a victory for states rights. And, although this has subsequently been reported on, where is mention of the others?
In Montana it was a referendum "prohibiting the state or federal government from mandating the purchase of health insurance." It also prohibits the imposition of "penalties for decisions related to the purchase of health insurance coverage." The measure passed 65%-34%
In Alabama a legislatively referred amendment frees Alabama citizens from any requirement to participate in Obamacare, or any other compulsory health care program. . It passed 59%-41%
And the Wyoming Constitution now guarantees citizens of the state the right to make their own healthcare decisions with minimal governmental interference. It passed by 76%-24%
For more information
As of this writing it is uncertain as to what Governor McDonnell will do. After signing the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act into law in 2010, which would help to protect us against ObamaCare, he is now threatening to commit Virginia to the ObamaCare Federal Mandate by signing on for Federal Exchanges.
If he has not done that yet, contact him at and demand that he respect the wishes of Virginia's citizens and not sign on for it. As our Governor it is his duty to stand up to the over-reaching power of the federal government.
A small business owner in our community writes that he is " trying to hire because we thought VA had our back. If they move "forward" with allowing ObamaCare in VA we would be closing shop and probably declaring bankruptcy."
And if you need any more incentive, please consider the attachment  which reveals provisions about ObamcaCare that are less well known - those concerning how we raise our children and our mental health.
We could be totally free of ObamaCare. The Tenth Amendment - State Annulment - is the solution.
Sue Long
The Committee for Constitutional Government
P O Box 972
Gloucester, VA 23061




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