Thursday, November 8, 2012

FW: Bad day for America!

Well Harriet– If 90% of the blacks and 80% of the Hispanics are going to always vote for any Democrat in Presidential Elections, the Democrat's candidate will be our president for decades. The only salvation for the Republicans is for the economy to stay the same, or really get much worse in the next two years.
That would more than likely put an end to this  "Popular Prom King" voting deciding presidential elections and the Democrat Party as we know it to today. We may know something as early as January, when the congress has to deal with the automatic $1.3 trillion in budget cuts for 2013.
In any event look for more of your and your husband's money going to Washington DC and/or spirals in inflation in just about everything due to the government printing and spending much more money than they are collecting in taxes. I anticipate my copay for my health care insurance and also its premium to rise substantially percentage wise again next year. I have a son and daughter-in-law with a young family of four children and their health care insurance is now almost equal to their house payment.
It's my guess that we will see unemployment soar again early in 2013 as Obamacare kicks in and many employers, large and small solution to affording it will mean reducing their number of employees. Who won? The ne'er-do-wells. Who lost? The millions of traditional hardworking, self-reliant, honest and industrious John and Jane Doe's of America.

Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 15:06:45 -0600
Subject: Bad day for America!

What country are we going to move to? Mexico, we know they're ALL corrupt but there we just would not have to worry about politics!


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