Monday, November 12, 2012

RED ALERT - GOP is "Compromising"......Already!

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Dear Conservative Party Supporters:
On the heels of the epic defeat the GOP suffered at the November election Republicans are once again demonstrating why they lost the race and how they've lost their conservative values. Just one day after Obama's victory Speaker Boehner started buckling to liberal pressure by offering to compromise on raising taxes. Just one day later! Raising taxes on small business is exactly wrong during a recession. 
Remember, Republicans "compromising" with liberals on the budget always means spending more. It never means "compromising" on spending less. Never. That's the main reason why America has a $16T national debt.
And this is just the first installment in the looming series of Republican capitulations. They will also cave on implementing ObamaCare, allowing more illegal immigration and amnesty, raising the debt ceiling, increasing spending, more borrowing, increasing the national debt and even bigger budget deficits. 
CP-USA has been telling everyone for three years that the GOP has no conservative backbone or principles for which they are willing to fight. They are not conservative and showed that once again by nominating Romney. While CP-USA certainly pulled for Romney to defeat Obama, we knew he was not a true conservative. Romney’s defeat also proved that a Republican moderate can’t win a presidential election even when America is on the brink and even when stacked against a European-style socialist like Obama.

The GOP is rife with self-serving clowns like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. The GOP lost ground in the Senate in part because those clowns can’t string two coherent, articulate sentences together about their rape and abortion positions. Those important issues just need people with higher IQ’s to defend them. Akin put his ego in front of common sense, stayed in the race and got thumped by 16% in a state Romney carried by 10%. Mourdock also lost big. Surprise! 

The GOP and its PAC's spent $1 Billion and still lost 7 House seats, 3 Senate seats and the Presidency for the second cycle in a row. In addition, 3 million fewer Republicans actually voted for Romney this year than voted for McCain in 2008. That's an eye-popping indictment of Republican loyalty. That  means the GOP has been a dead party walking some time but doesn't know it. 

True conservative Alan West’s Republican primary opponent actually endorsed the Democrat in the general election. Imagine that! A Republican endorsing a Democrat in the election! West also lost the bid to keep his seat. 

Let us be the first to say the G.O.P. should R.I.P.

To all conservative Republicans who survived this political Armageddon we repeat: it’s time for you and fellow Tea Party activists to leave the GOP and JOIN CP-USA. We’re called the Conservative Party for good reason. When we conservatives run conservative campaigns, we win. Think 2010.

For our current members: please help us save America from the major two parties by funding our Project Mayberry efforts. If not now..when? Remember, the 2014 election cycle started on November 7.  DONATE

“Come Home America”®
H. Michael Hervey

Conservative Party USA
Twitter: @cpartyusa_01



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