Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Letter

            We as a nation have just witnessed a most brilliant election campaign strategy and execution. The Democratic Party campaign platform behind the strategy while vague in Charlotte, except for the controversy over the inclusion of reference to God, is now flushed out.

            Make government the source of daily sustenance for those unemployed. Shut down oil drilling and prohibit other fossil energy sources for the environmentalist constituency and concurrently cause gas prices and the need for food stamps to rise. Provide "free" medical care through Obamacare. Affirm that religious freedom does not stand against the dictates of the Government. Advocate Gay Marriage. The "Right to Work" concept is to be destroyed by "Card Check". Advocate "amnesty" for illegal aliens. This is what the Democratic Party says it stands for and what Obama campaigned on.  

Don't govern, campaign. Don't fix problems. Fixing the problems will reduce the government largesse recipient's reliance on government.

            As the 2012 campaign begins, prepare for the final ground game by identifying potential voters, one by one. Speak about an ill-defined "middle class" and only one issue, tax the rich.  Deaminize your opponent.

            And at the close, execute the final phase of the "get out the vote ground game". Complete the entering of all potential Democratic constituent voter names onto an electronic data bank so organizers can again inspire those on their list to vote for Obama and when not showing up at the polls go and get them.

            One must stand in awe of the platform, strategy and the execution. But, if advocates for the reelection of the President voted in response to fulfillment of their single constituent issue, they must now accept the mantle of advocate for all of the Democratic Party platform issues. If you advocate that "your end justifies the common means", you must also accept responsibility for all of the ends.

Bob Dewey


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